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Do you ever just stare at your keyboard while your hands are on the keys and everything becomes a blur? no? well I do...... a lot. I think the term is called boredom and it usually happens at work.
It's really amazing that I'm getting paid to do nothing. Yeah I do feel awful about it but what would you do? I spend my downtime (9-5) thinking about various projects, what I need to shop for, music, photography, movies, bills, travel and men. I have time to find out when and where all the gigs are and even make a rock calendar.
I shop on amazon a lot.... even too much because I have the time. I buy all my cd's on there also books, shoes and dvd's. I like the fact that there is no tax plus free shipping. That totally rocks! I just either read up on the band on-line or go listen to them at the overpriced Tower Record in Long Beach then get it through Amazon. Tower is only good for the big sales.

I recently saw Sabrosa Purr and Peter Walker at Spaceland and they were great. It was a fun night actually. My friend Rhonda came with me and the bartender upstairs remembered us from two weeks ago so we talked and joked with her. I like it when the bartenders remember your drink and what your limit is etc... it makes ya feel special. I know, I know.... that's their job. I feel bad that I forgot her name (maybe she never mentioned it though). She and I talked about Jeff Tweedy and Wolfmother so she is cool in my book. She remembered "Pen guy" a very handsome fellow that borrowed a pen from Rhonda a few weeks ago, then there were these girls who asked her when the CONCERT started. LOL so this time Rhonda and I walk in the bar and first thing that comes out of Rhonda's mouth was "Hey, when does the concert start" we all started busting up. I don't think I've been to a concert since Radiohead played Hollywood Bowl, even that's hard to call a concert. Perhaps Van Halen at the Forum?!
Some guy comes in the bar and asks for a screwdriver (as in the tool to fix a pedel) we all look at each other and I say "I DO"! I even shocked myself. I forgot that i had this little keychain that folds out into a .... what do you call those things? Anyway, I was very helpful to the guy. He brought it back after they got done playing and thanked me. It was time for Peter to play so we headed down to the front table. He is really good. I'm not just saying that because I have a slight crush on the guy either. Next up was my favorite ..... SABROSA PURR. I just can't put into words how amazing these guys are. I told Jacob (the drummer) that my face hurts from smiling so much everytime I see them. I always get excited when I hear them. It's that kind of excitement when the lights go down before a concert starts and then the band comes on stage and all of a sudden there is bright lights and music! I just love them so much.
Jacob is so sweet, he walked us to our car after the gig so we wouldn't get mugged.

I went clothes shopping last night and just got frustrated. I mean after you've shopped at Ross and Target how can you go back to those over-priced malls? I can't imagine paying $75 bucks for a t-shirt when you can get it at Ross for $14.99. Sure Target and Ross both have a lot of crap but sometimes you get lucky. I also like Nordstrom Rack but you really have to look in that store, sometimes the shoes are so messy that I just can't deal with it. Macy's is good when they have huge sales but any other time they are just way over-priced. It used to be easy to find cool stuff at thrift and vintage stores but not anymore.
If I win the mega million, forget the stores - i'll just have my clothes (suits, dresses, shirts, trousers) made or tailored just for me!

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