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Music: Silversun PickupsPikul

I can’t seem to get this CD out of my head. It has the perfect amount of distortion and loud drums. The vocals are mesmerizing. They remind me of a lot of the Seattle bands from the 90’s. The guy’s voice reminds me of someone and of course I can’t think of who it might be.
God I love this CD.
It slows down and just when you think it’s almost over …… BAM! You have even more guitars, the kind of guitars where you crinkle your nose and shake your head as if you get it, ya know what I mean? I can’t stress enough how great this CD is.
I’m not a spokesperson for Dangerbird Records or anyone but honestly they put out some amazing bands, just like Sub pop used to.
I love that feeling when you are listening to a band and you feel all excited and forget to breathe because you’re concentrating on the rock so hard.

I just want the music to cut through my chest and pull out my heart, give it a good squeeze and put it back only to leave a scar!

Last night I went to see a 70 year old folk musician named Kris Kristofferson. As I left my house I was feeling like not going because I was exhausted for some reason. I went anyway because I had already bought my $32 dollar ticket and well, he’s a legend.
Granted I only recognized a handful of songs and only knew the name of one of the songs, I was pleasantly entertained both spiritually and intellectually. I love the stories. This is why Folk music holds a special place in my heart as well as some “real old” country music. He is by far not a good guitar player but he does know how to tell stories. A few even brought tears to my eyes. I kept thinking about my dad- wishing I’d have asked him to come with me. I know he would have enjoyed it just as much as I did.

The crowd was mixed with both young and old fans.
Kris mentioned that he was upstairs taking a nap on the couch before the show (something I did at home before I left) and he woke up to Bobby North staring at him. He also mentioned that he was amazed that everyone had to stand through the whole show.
He looks amazing for a 70 year old man. Some guys just look better with age. I’d love to knock a few back with him and shoot the breeze!

Thank you and good night.

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