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3:50 PM

I went to the Echo to see Black Moses and The Morlocks on Friday.
The first band was actually pretty good – I wish I remembered their name. The second band was a little too rock star for my tastes. I get annoyed very easily with the whole “I’m a rock star” attitude on stage. I forgot their name also. If the clubs would keep a history on the net it would be much easier!

My friend from work came with me, she doesn’t usually go see bands, especially 45 minutes away in LA. She was pleasantly surprised and wants to keep coming out with me. It was funny that her ears were still ringing the next day. I forgot to warn her to bring ear plugs. I used bits of napkins and I was fine. Rick also showed up so we all hung out and got to see Black Moses together, they Rocked! DJ ‘Tami’ was fantastic…. I couldn’t bring myself to leave while she played George Harrison.
Outside it seemed like it was 42 degrees. These guys out front of the club asked me the temperature and I simply said 60! They thought I was crazy to say that, I was being honest though. I told them that I got so hot from the rock inside that I hadn’t cooled down yet. The one guy asked if he could borrow my jacket then. Hahahaha.

I saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on Monday at the Henry Fonda Theatre. I get up to the door guy and he asks if i had any guns and smiled at me, i said excuse me - guns did you say? he said no GUM, as he was sifting through my purse. I laughed and said you have got to be kidding me, you are worried about gum over guns?! He said i'd have to throw the pack out before going in. I said fuck that and went back to my car and took out all my valuables in my purse (money, gum and lipstick) and put my leather jacket on and headed back with the gum in my jacket! fuck you security guards and your lack of action against all the underage drunk kids bringing in their own beer and drugs. i hate the smell of teenagers smoking pot! I got there when my favorite band Elefant was on… I totally kid you. It’s just another “I’m a rock star, annoying” type band. I still can’t get over them from when they played at the Troubadour and the singer threw his towel out into the audience as if he was giving them gold. Ugh! I do however listen to a few of their songs on the radio when they come on but as for seeing them live (no thanks!).
Peter (BRMC) walked by me and I didn’t even recognize him. He lost so much weight, not that he needed to.

I’ll never forget the time Cari, Sarah, Michelle and I went to see them in Las Vegas. Amazing time ever!

Peter came out and did some songs alone off the Howl CD then the band joined him. They played about 5 songs off the Howl CD before they kicked it into high gear with the more rock-ier songs. I enjoyed all of it. It’s just always better to see a band in a small club before they hit it big. To me this was a larger club then I’m accustomed to.
I went to the BRMC website and I couldn’t have put it better with the way I was feeling about the crowd then this person.
chripage Posted: 14-03-06 11:04BRMC are such a talented band. True to the music and as usual put on an incredible show. But, what was up with all the obnoxious teenie bopper drunken idiots there. Talking and yapping on their cell phones while BRMC where playing? That opening act elephant fint eleshi! were a bore and why they are playin with BRMC I just don't get. They drew a untolerable group of kids. I've seen BRMC many times and the crowds usualy are good, not last night. That was very disappointing to me. I almost felt bad for BRMC. Anyone else feel this way? The show musically was great and hope BRMC get the recognition and respect they deserve. Cheers to those going tonight! Do the band right!

I was pretty annoyed with the crowd just as this person mentioned.
I left during Peter’s encore. I just figured I’ve seen them many times before and I will see them again if they ever play at a smaller place.
Sabrosa Purr were playing at the Echo for free at midnight but I was just too tired to go, plus I didn’t get out of the Fonda until after midnight. I was told that BRMC were to play a secret show at The Viper Room at midnight. If they did then they were late.
If you didn’t like their latest CD entitled Howl then you surely wouldn’t have dug the show at all. They did a lot of Howl and it was super mellow. I really liked the show, it’s just I didn’t have that feeling as when I’ve seen them all those other times.
I’m sure the reason is simple. It wasn’t a small enough place and the crowd was full of kids who came to see Elefant and just didn’t get BRMC. I wasn’t feeling the bass through my chest as I did in the smaller venues. My ears were history when they played the Echo last year and I was standing in front of Robert the whole show. It just wasn’t the same this time around.
I like the feel of smaller clubs that’s all.
The largest club that I can have a good enough time seeing a band in would be The Troubadour. That’s my limit from now on.
Once a band gets beyond the Troubadour and I haven’t seen them yet then tuff luck.

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