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10:54 AM

music: jason falkner-author unknown

the kills were fantastic last night.
........the night started out with me having to scrounge up some money before i left so i pulled a reality bites and as i was at the local gas station near my place i put $10 bucks worth on my credit card but only put $5 bucks worth of gas in my tank. got $5 cash back. i like to think of it as being 'resourceful' not poor! i noticed this guy getting gas at the pump next to mine and he looked like he would have enjoyed the show i was going to, he was alone. sometimes i see people and have these exact thoughts but i never do, what was i gonna say ' hey, you wanna come see a really good show with me tonight'? ha ha anyway. nothing. i got my $5 bucks and headed to spaceland. cari and i met at the thai place by spaceland before the show. i had rice and water. didn't feel to daring. and THAT guy walks in!! the one from the gas station near my place. funny. but we didn't even say anything to each other. i know he noticed me because we both were laughing at this crazy person at the gas station together. whatever. it wasn't like i wanted to date him or anything. so on to the show. we get in free once again (thanks mario!) the first band was from clairmont 'nuff said!! BAD, very bad. (funk kinda rock) so we went upstairs for a beer. my first beer in like a week or something. the smoke started getting thick up there but it was better than having to listen to them. the hangmen were next. i used to see this band all the time back in the late 80's. cari didn't realize it was the same band from back in the day. it was and they were pretty much the same, haven't changed. except maybe dying his hair BLACK and wearing it short instead of long with a bandana around his head. not so much into the 80's rock any longer. that 80's rock star guitar sound just doesn't cut it. i was falling asleep. finally..... on with the kills. it was just a guy on guitar and a girl singing with guitar. they had everything recorded and just played over it. i know that doesn't sound right but it was cool. they had chemistry the way they played off of each other. and boy can this chick move! they were across between boss hog and royal trux. with a mixture of sounds from some of the 80's bands that i used to go see as: D. I. and Raging slab.
it was packed and hot. they even had to turn some of the folks in line away.
i'm heading to the free show at spaceland to catch JET (aussy band) the superbees (great 60's sounding garage band) and the flash express (shake your booty garage band) on monday.

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