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music: the beatles, the cars

Jet is my new favorite band!! they were amazing last night. they played at spaceland for FREE with flair, superbees and the flash express. i think the whole night was like MC5 meets a bunch of bands from the 70's early 80's. it really is amazing at how many bands are out there. i gave up about 5 years ago telling myself that there wasn't anything out there worth listening to..... then i woke up, got rid of my boyfriend, got off the comfy couch and started seeking music again. i'm so glad i did because there is much to see/hear these days. anyway back to last night.....the jet boys made me smile and think to myself 'why do i like boys with guitars so much'? beside most being sexy... or as bill gazarri used to say "foxy guys....if they ain't foxy guys then they ain't getting on my stage" really,.... he did used to say that!!
i think i'm jealous of them....i just don't have the patience of actually learning the guitar or bass.
jet have a heavy guitar sound with hard drum beats and they all sing, mostly the drummer. the front guy has a pretty deep heavy voice that i was surprised to hear come out of him.
i was talking to this guy who works at the viper room and he was telling me about a couple of bands that i should check out- lucifer and cato salsa buddy in chicago mentioned this band to me a few months back and i still haven't gotten around to listening to 'em. he also told me there is this secret show this friday at the viper room with the soundtracks of our lives. everyone is telling me how amazing these guys are. i don't like the viper room one bit. i won't go. there is this other secret show that is tonight at the detroit bar in costa mesa with the breeders. i'm all about secrets today!! another friend told me that calle is playing at spaceland soon....i had forgotten that i saw them with him a few months back and i liked them alot. flair played first. they reminded me of a 70's band.....i don't know i can't think right now - i wasn't that impressed but if they were on a bill with some other bands i'd go see 'em again! flash express were very upbeat, happy soul rock brian, the front man can get the crowd going. the drummers sound was annoying....i don't know if it was just his snare but it was flat. he has rhythm and style .... i donno what was wrong, no one else seemed to notice. i'm kinda over the whole 'i'm a white boy with soul - brian 'singer' thing'. (sorry) the superbees came on 'round midnight.....they were great as usual. i like these guys alot, i only wish they played flash expresses spot instead. i had to leave after a few songs.

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