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1:48 AM

music: the cows (orphan's tragedy)
listening to the cows brings back so many memories from the early 90's...going to see them all the time, they were so punk rock! not like minor threat punk rock, just punk with horns and crazy sounds.
ok, it's like one o'clock or something and i'm not tired! today i saw a newborn baby at my work....believe me it was a relief from seeing dead people all the time. i won't go into how young the mom was and how the dad looked like he just robbed a liquor store. i work in bellflower, okay so anyway. cari sold our bright eyes tickets, well actually traded them in for the next nights show. we went to spaceland tonight to see the belles. they were pretty good, glad i went and it was a plus to get in free! the door guy knows us now!! yay! my friend was telling me what a great show i missed the night before (the black keys). beck was there, steve macdonald and anna were there and jet played. oh well. i can't be everywhere.
today i get home and i get this fuckin verizon bill for $100 bucks saying that it's overdue phone charges for 3 months! and they might disconnect my phone. i haven't received a bill from them since november, i get bills from at&t.....i thought i had everything on at&t (long distance and local etc..) but nope! so anyway, the thing is that i haven't received a bill from verizon so how can i pay? i'm never late on bills so this absolutly pisses me off. those fuckers! i hate them and so does everyone else that i know. i told them to send me the actual charges and i'll pay what i owe but i'm not paying any late fee's due to there fuck up!! aargh!
oh i just thought of something else to save you money....check out your apr on your credit cards and if you have any that is over like 6%....just call the number on the back of the card and ask them if they are having any deals to lower the apr and they almost always do. really! just ask. no one should be charged over 9% apr!!!! i've been doing this for years anytime i noticed the apr went up - i just call. ;) just odd thoughts before i go to bed.
have you ever wondered what it would be like if we all had hippity hops instead of cars? this is a subject that came up alot back in my record store days. just think about it for a minute. it will bring a smile to your face.

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