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8:56 AM

music: velvet underground
i stayed home and watched ED on friday night....yay! he got the girl. i noticed a wilco song during the show, that was cool. speaking of music on tv shows....have you noticed that most of the car comercials have really cool music on 'em lately? branden benson has a song on one and rhett miller has one on a citi bank comercial.
i think i had food poisoning friday night and saturday …!
i met my friends maria and cari outside and cari was such the mom bringing me all this stuff to make me feel better and making sure i was okay during the show. :)
i just got home from seeing the datsuns, they were so rockin’ i haven’t smiled that much from seeing a show in a long time. i think they went to the same rock school that teaches you all the flexable rock star moves as the hellacopters did! the sights were awesome too. the datsuns opened up with cheep tricks hello there ladies and gentlemen and we were all ready to rock! at the end of the set they got all rock n’ roll crazy with diving into the audience and climbing on the rafters and amps and jumping. the guitar player took the cymbals and handed them to the audience then the roadie would retrieve them that was funny cuz he kept doing it as soon as the roadie would get them back. then the singer carried the guitar player off the stage like a little kid.
right now i have this craving for a jack n’ the box taco! i want meat, why is this. i could go for a meatball sandwich or a bacon sandwich. this is crazy for me. i don’t eat meat!!
i didn’t get up today until like 4 or 5pm because i was sick and didn’t have an appetite. i ate top roman but lost it if you know what i mean. so i didn’t have anything in my stomach all day. i tried to eat an animal cracker but couldn’t even do that. i probably should not have gone out but i’m so glad that i did.
no more shows until late next week…. suze

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