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music: the belles (omerta) & sloan (twice removed) & jeff buckley (sketches of my sweetheart the drunk)
*****i've NEVER been so high at a party before in my life! no, no, no not drugs but a bounce house castle!! omg. it was the best thing ever. i went to an indie rocker party in sherman oaks with cari. her friend doug or was it mika, anyway he rented this bounce house for the backyard, we thought he was joking but he was not! we were the first to arrive and got to see the house erect before our very eyes with music even. it was funny. so we took our shoes off and jumped in, i don't think i've ever had that much fun at a party. it's alot more fun when you jump with 5 or 6 people, we all got so high. i even touched the top of the castle. the kids had great taste in beer to, a keg of sierra nevada pale ale. around 11:30 we desided to run over to catch minibar at o'briens in santa monica. we caught the second set as they did all cover tunes and for an encore they did a couple songs off there first cd. it was worth it. we walked in as they did one of my favorite dylan songs..tangled up and blue and they did an obscure song by the jam then an elvis costello song...the list goes on - the crowd was lame. a bunch of drunk party people dancing to cover get the idea. i bet they never been in a bounce house before. believe me, you haven't partied until you bounced!
p.s. don't forget that tremolo are playing at the knitting factory this friday the 11th and hawkeye are playing at the hotel cafe at 11pm the same night. i don't know what to do.

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