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9:56 AM

Last night after watching the news about the weather, they said the storm was going to pass over my city and end at 6:31pm. I was amazed that they would know the exact time and all, so at 6:31 i'm looking at the clock and the rain stopped. Wow!
In other news, I'm saddend by the passing of Jerry Orbach, the Law & Order guy. I love this show and he was great in it. He died of Prostate Cancer on Tuesday and was only 69 years old.

Worst of all...... The Tsunami!! This has been my greatest fear ever since I was really young, I don't know why, it just is. I'm not afraid of the ocean but just those rather large waves towering over buildings! Over 100,000 are dead from the Tsunami that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Maldives.
I bet a movie is already being talked about.
A friend from Italy that I had just met at the largo a few weeks ago has been traveling around. He tells me his original plans would have taken him over that way and he would have been there when it all happened. "Music" saved him! He decided to come here to see some concerts instead. His friend is over there and was on high ground when the Tsunami hit and is fine.

Christmas was alright, I didn't do much but go to the movies though.
On Monday I went out to dinner with my friend from Italy then we headed over to Spaceland to see The Willowz and Thelonious Monster. I was tired, he was sick and it was just alright, nothing to really be amazed by.
Tonight I'm leaning towards going to Boardners to see The Gunshys and Sky Parade. They both have profiles on where you can listen to what they sound like as well as checking out what they look like, if that's more important to you....

I'm hungry, The sky is very Blue and I think I'm coming down with a cold.

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