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1:34 PM

music: no music - i'm sick of music today. -- it could happen!
i found this link today: secret bands and a list of worst bands ever!

i'm actually feeling a cold/flu coming on. i'm gonna stay home and watch LOST tonight. you know what i hate?! christmas.... music. one of the guys in my office has had it on all day long, kinda low but my cube is right outside of his office and well, sound travels. it sucks! i'm not enjoying this and i'm not looking forward to hearing it for the rest of the year. ugh!
it's not even half way decent christmas music (don't think there is anyway) it's just complete crap they would play on coast or some shit station like that.

.... The Kills.
It was freezing last night! I went to the troubadour and arrived just as the first band was heading off stage. Then I had to sit through the awful Dance Disaster Movement. oh man do they ever suck-ass! I just didn't get it with the crowd actually liking such an untalented piece of crap band like them. wow! i'm sorry, that was really harsh huh. sometimes i feel bad (for about 5 minutes) for talking smack about a band. It's like.. 1. hey, they are trying 2. some people actually like crap (i.e. blink 182, limp bizkit, korn, linkin park, hootie, creed, dave matthews) 3. i can't play 4. perhaps i'm wrong and they are great 5. i dont' see any flying monkeys... do you?

The Kills took what seemed like forever to come on. Alison and Jamie are definitely something to watch. sorta like watching a rock 'n roll sex show -- not that i would know about that, beside the fact that i've seen them a couple of times before and blushed. Alison is quite a beautiful site to see in a "bad-ass" kinda way. she had these skin tight red pants on with her signature cowboy boots that only she can pull off. her long straight dark hair was all over the place as she moved to the beat of each noisy guitar riff that Jamie belted out. They completely belong together musically.
I only like the older stuff pretty much as it was much more noisy rock then the newer "mellow" stuff. They did a lot of old stuff and you can tell the crowd has heard it all before.
some of the crowd was super annoying almost to the point where I was about to throw down these kids who were standing in front of me as i waited for the kills to come on. they must have been on something like "E", i don't really know but they kept touching, hugging, pushing, headlocking and jumping on each other like a bunch of monkeys (cuz you know monkeys do that sort of thing all the time!) anyway, they were getting a little to close to me and i yelled over to roger [a saying that i usually say when this sorta thing happens] "hey, I remember my first beer!" then i went upstairs.
I shot off a whole roll of film of The Kills while standing upstairs. a pretty good spot.
i just didn't feel like fighting the crowd.
I'm so looking forward to my bed when I get home tonight.

i just received the e-mail at work [for all employees] regarding super old people. i'm not a huge fan of christmas but i don't absolutely hate it and i can understand those who do absolutely hate it... but this for some reason brought a tear to my eye. please tell me i'm lame-- so i can get on with my life. --this is part of the e-mail --
**There is something magical about receiving a gift during the holidays, regardless of age. Without YMC's help these individuals won’t even get one gift. Wish lists from the most frail and needy have already been gathered. This year, as in others, requests include slippers, underwear, warm clothing, and sweaters. One lady only asked for a cup with a straw, another wanted a book on the Civil War. Still others hoped for Old Spice cologne, make-up, a shaving kit, three bottles of nail polish, a music box and one just wanted the movie, Love Story. Their needs are simple; their responses are often the same**

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