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Movie: Dogtown and Z Boyz - This is one of the best films/documentarys I've ever seen....

i’ve been meaning to watch this film ever since it came out a couple of years ago and finally this guy at work mentioned he had it so we did a trade -- Dogtown and Z Boyz for Wilco’s I’m only trying to break your heart --

just as soon at the movie started, i was hooked! the photography by Glen E. Friedman and Craig Stecyk moved me. even though it was just photos, they moved.
the film showed the history of the Zephyr skate team. the mentors are Craig Stecyk, Jeff Ho and
Skip Engblom and my favorite guys on the team are Jay Adams and Tony Alva. all the guys on the team are still alive and doing well… some have even made a name for themselves and have their own businesses.
Jay is the best one in my opinion and had this style like no other, he was always in it for the thrill of skateboarding/surfing and not the money and it’s a damn shame he is the one that ended up in jail on drug charges. he should have had it all! it really bummed me out hard to find this out.
the whole team had their own style and they looked damn cool!
i remember my old wooden skateboard with clay wheels - - if i find this one photo of me on a skateboard with a homemade budweiser outfit on, i’ll post it. ha ha.

some of my favorite lines in the movie: ……(talking about dogtown) -- a place where pyromaniacs, junkies, artists, and surfers could excel in symbiotic disharmony.

(talking about their first skate competition in del mar)-- it
was a hockey team going to a figure skating contest!

the music selection was excellent, it was never out of place and it always went with whatever was going on – on the screen.

check out the Dogtown and Z Boyz website, it’s pretty cool and the history timeline is really interesting.

have a great rest of the week, i’m off starting tomorrow – yay! happy holidays and all that.
love, Suze

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