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10:45 PM

Music: Dead Meadow

I ended up going to the largo on friday to see Jon Brion once again. Basically the only reason I decided to go was because Bob Bruno was going to open the show and I also heard that Fiona Apple may get up and do some songs (nope). Bob was great in his bunny suit! His music reminded me of aphex twins or something like that.... it was fun. My friends and I ended up getting a table at the last minute otherwise honestly I would have left. I was in a very annoyed mood because of traffic and hunger.... and no i didn't have a fuckin' snickers bar handy!
I ordered a guinness and drank it like it was water then I had this bright idea of drinking wine, we ordered bottles of it. Merlot of course. (have you seen Sideways yet? - ha ha) after the other. there were 4 of us at the table, one being our new friend named holly. so pretty much we each had a full bottle of wine to ourselves plus our dinner. i barely remember Jon's set at all. bad bad bad!
let's just say that i don't want to see another bottle of merlot for a long while.

i don't know what got into me and why i didn't stop. i was having such a good time..... then "bang" it just hit's you! I ended up strategically refilling the empty glasses on our table ...... if you know what I mean!! yeah, it was that bad. but really, i was impressed with my ability to only fill it up - stop - move the glass away - grab another - and refill it. then i motioned to my friend to help me to the bathroom and when the bitches wouldn't let me in i went to the mens room where there was no line at all. I felt so bad about getting that drunk that i cleaned off the table with the toilet paper that i brought back. my friend kept emptying the glasses that i "refilled". i thought it was pretty amazing how i was able to do that one after the other like it was a game or something. ok it was pretty gross as well. i feel terrible that i got that drunk. soo stupid, i tell ya.
drinking to much is really really stupid, and it's no fun, and you feel like shit the whole next day.
plus i missed most of nels cline! i'm the one that spotted him and i'm the one that was excited that he was going to play, but no. i had to get drunk and be sick the whole time he was doing his thing on stage! damn you alcohol!! bad!!! Nels is fucking amazing. so basically i paid 10 bucks to get in, then 50 bucks for dinner and drinks for what? yeah, fuck that. never again. - - thanks to my friend stephanie for taking care of my sorry ass that night and letting me sleep at her cool pad.
back to the health kick for me. in fact, i just bought some better headphones for my ipod so i can work out without them falling out of my ears.
i may go see thelonious monster on monday night at spaceland, i hear that josh will probably play with them. then i'm thinking about seeing the gunshys and sky parade at boardners on the following wednesday - 29th. i missed the vacation last wednesday because i was feeling sick.
i just finished my christmas shopping today. usually i'm doing it at the last possible minute. i went to see the Aviator this afternoon and let me tell you -- it was fantastic! Leonardo will win an oscar for sure on this one.

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