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We all know that tickets are sold out for the Greek shows. We all know why and that it sucks. Not just because they are a great/ interesting band but because the Scalpers know this and play on it. They pay kids all over the world to stand in line and buy tickets for them, in return they will get paid bank and for that the real fans lose. I can't say this enough ..... PLEASE STOP BUYING FROM SCALPERS AND BROKERS.
I found this on craigslist today and I couldn't agree with this person more.
He wrote " yes, it is great to see your favorite band. yes, i would love to see radiohead and yes i got screwed out of tickets by these pieces of human garbage.
but if you hate the fact that these assholes are allowed to raise the price of a
$44 ticket to $399 and some of the retarded prices i'm seeing on ebay then
put these fucks out of business by NOT using their services. the good things in life are not meant solely for rich assholes who don't even give a shit about the band other than to say 'oh yeah, i got tix for that radiohead show that sold out in ONE MINUTE.'

Same thing happened to The Raconteurs first show at the Fonda theatre.
A message to the Scalpers...... GET A REAL JOB and a message to the kids that are working for them YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE, GET A REAL JOB
$$ isn't everything. what the hell happened to the cool scenes? kids now days wouldn't be caught dead riding their bikes down to May Co. or another ticket outlet at 8am to stand in line to get tickets for Van Halen. Now they only have to pick up their cell phones that their mommy bought for them, because they are too damn lazy to teach their kids any real life lessons, and call for tickets using their parents credit cards. Kids are too damn spoiled these days! Fuck Hollister and Paris Hilton.
I know that was all pretty random.... i'm getting off my soap box now. It's just not worth getting upset over.
I'm not even really mad about the Radiohead tickets. I'm just saying that it sucks for the real fans to have to pay such high prices to the non-fans who are only in it to make a crap-load of money. They don't see the big picture.
People need to see the big picture!

ok, back to The Faces.....

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