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Why is it that women giggle a lot? I’m not saying every single woman giggles but a lot of us do.
The reason why I’m bringing this up right now is because I’m about to walk over to this woman in my office and explain to her that life can’t be that funny….. every fricken day!
It’s been going on for months now, probably longer. She cackles like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard in her life. Her high pitched cackle carries way across 15 cubicles. I’m sure everyone notices.
I’m the quiet one. People come by my desk sometimes, and make comments on how quiet I am. That’s annoying too.
Other annoyances around the office……. This woman was one of the first to get those ear phones; the ones that you can walk around the building and talk on the phone, yeah and she talks on it while she is making coffee in this teeny tiny room right next to some cubicles. My friend over there says she knows her whole life story because she is on personal phone calls all day long while walking around the office talking rather loudly. Many of the “bigger” women around the office, I notice that they take breaks throughout the day just gossiping to each other either about their health, their husbands, kids or just about other people in the office. I know this because every time I walk to get some water there they are. Then you have the lady in the cube next to me who talks to a family member everyday about the same time about the same things…. I don’t want to know these peoples life stories. This is when I pull out my I-pod. One more thing that annoys everyone around my Department is my boss who constantly clears his throat and by clears his throat, I mean [loogie hawking] rather loudly and spits it in the trash. Yep, everyday at least 15 times a day since I’ve been working here. I know the guy has allergies but c’mon!

Today I simply turned off my alarm at 6:45 am and proceeded to sleep until 9:10am. I woke up disoriented and thought it was Saturday. I turned on my computer and while that was booting up I tried to look at the calendar and figure out what day it was but I had nothing to go by. I guess I was really tired. I did hit the gym rather hard the night before. I called my friend at work all panicked and asked her if it was Saturday. She thought I was at my desk joking around. I asked her what I should tell my boss because I thought for sure I’d be fired for this. Though I’ve never done this before… okay once before close to 2 years ago.
She said to lie and say my jeep wouldn’t start. I couldn’t do for two reasons 1) my jeep really didn’t start a few days ago and I had to get it towed to my mechanic – it was the crank sensor. I left early yesterday to go pick it up. 2) I’m just not one to lie.
I called my boss and told him the truth. He simply laughed and said that I just needed the sleep. […phew]
I got to work at 10:15 and told him that I hit the gym a little to hard last night. He said that he doesn’t have that pleasure of sleeping in because his dogs are his alarm clock. I took that as it was no big deal to him.

I feel really good today. I’ve got a bunch of projects in my head that I can start working on that I’m excited about. (building a bed frame that I designed in my head, painting certain parts of my jeep again, getting the front of my jeep fixed, photo stuff that I’ve been putting off, organizing my CD’s…) I did clean out my closet last week and got rid of 5 bags of clothes. That feels good. I let my friend go though them first. I’ll take the rest to some organization for kid’s that needs clothes.

My debt is just about paid off. I’m looking forward to a few concerts coming up.
I’m ready to quit my job and go work for less money in the field that interests me…. so I say today anyway.

I think that once my debt is completely gone then I can do that. I was thinking that I was saving to buy a loft but there is no way I can afford that anytime soon. I’m going to look at some lofts this weekend anyway.

I love Feedback …. Just listening to ‘my bloody valentine’.

Tonight: Thursday May 18th Peter Walker is at The Prospector in Long Beach.
Saturday May 20th – Look at Lofts oh no.. the Gay Pride Festival is going on, I’m not going to find parking in Long Beach!

Sunday May 21st – Denim Sale w/ Julie
Monday May 29th - The Bronx / 400 Blows at Spaceland
Thursday June 1st - Peter Walker at Spaceland
Tuesday June 6th – The Vacation, Icarus Line at El Rey
Friday June 9th - Josh Ritter & Richard Swift at El Rey
Tuesday June 13th - Wolfmother at Canes (San Diego)
Wednesday June 14th - Black Crowes at Greek
Wednesday June 14th - The Raconteurs at Fonda
Thursday June 15th – The Vacation at Spaceland
Thursday June 15th – The Walkmen at El Rey w/ Mazarin
Thursday June 15th – The Giraffes & Eagles of Death Metal at Fonda
Friday June 23rd - Neko Case at Fonda
Saturday June 24th - The Hunches at Spaceland
Thursday June 29th - Radiohead at Greek
Friday June 30th - Radiohead at Greek

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