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Music: The Hellacopters "Rock & Roll is Dead"
I can't stop listening to this new CD, it rocks so much! There is this one song they do called "leave it alone" that is really stonesy sounding that actually brought a tear to my eye.

The CD doesn't have that hardcore rock sound as say... 666 supershitty to the max or Payin the dues but it does rock and it's a great album.

I saw Helio Sequence last Thursday at the Knitting Factory and it wasn't all that great. In fact I was pretty bored. It doesn't help for the fact that I just wasn't really in the mood to drive to LA and see a band that night either. The sound guy must have been new or something because the feedback was not cool. I love feedback but it has to be done on purpose, ya know what i'm sayin? HS is just two guys from Portland that has been playing for over 5 years that I know of. One on vocals while playing a mean guitar (sounds like jesus & marychain) and the other on drums with some sort of program that he tends to in between songs. It's a pretty cool sound they have, it just wasn't their night.

Friday I ended up seeing The Backyard Babies.... totally different from The Hellacopters, I say this because one of the guys is from The Hellacopters. They were at Alexs Bar in Long Beach. On the bill was about 3 other bands who reminded me of totally bad sunset strip rock. We are talking Hair Metal! It was baaaaad! The Babies came on and we went up front for about 4 songs and then a fight broke out between two guys right in front of me. It was so lame. I noticed how it started and the guy was just a complete dick. I wanted to intervene but didn't want to get my ass kicked. I stood there shaking my head for awhile then we just left.
This past weekend I played basketball, watched a movie and went to a BBQ.

The movie is on HBO right now, I believe until the end of August.... called "The Girl in the Cafe" It was really great! Bill Nighy and Kelly MacDonald were wonderful playing the main characters. He played a shy civil servant working for a British delegation to the 2005 G8 Summit and she is an alluring young woman who he meets in a cafe (hense the name) & ends up inviting her to the summit on a whim... together the two unlikely (and i do mean unlikely) couple might just change history. yah, so I copied that from the internet! check it out if you can!

I'm looking forward to these shows coming up this week:

Sabrosa Purr at Spaceland on Friday
Jason Falkner at Spaceland on Saturday
The Vacation / Sons and Lovers free at The Troubadour on Monday

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