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1:23 PM

I’m tired today and I have no excuse. The only exhausting thing I did all weekend was riding my bike up and down the boardwalk near the Queen Mary on Saturday, and I had a hangover from Friday night even.

My friend Dat is playing in the Donita Sparks band so I went to see them at the Doll Hut on Friday night. I got there way too early and had to sit through some pretty awful bands with a few of my friends, actually the worst bands we’ve ever seen. It was excruciating to say the least. By the time Donita and her band and the rest of my friends showed up, I was pretty much drunk already. I had to be or I wouldn’t have made it through all those bands. Donita still has it. I mean the girl can rock! I was an L7 fan though I don’t listen to them anymore and her new band is really rockin’ from what I can recall. I’m gonna have to see them again at Spaceland on August 12th but I won’t drink as much.
I know Spaceland won’t book 3 sucky bands in a row …anyway.

I saw a couple of movies this weekend. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Wedding Crashers. I love the Willy Wonka story and Johnny Depp was amazing in it! The Wedding Crashers was hilarious, I haven’t laughed that hard since seeing Jackass.. ok, well… I laughed a little bit harder in jackass at some points in that movie!

I’m gonna have to mention myspace because I’ve been on it for 2 years now. I was addicted to it at first, I don’t know why. I think it’s a really big ego booster though. All these people wanting to be your “friend”, that kinda treatment just doesn’t happen outside of the cyber world does it. Some say it’s a meat market for kids and you can believe that and there are a lot of attention on there but I like the fact that you can find out about bands that you normally wouldn’t have heard about so quickly. I think it’s a good thing. I’ve actually met a few really cool people on myspace that I still talk to. I’ve met a few really good bands from all over the world on there as well. One thing I don’t understand is the ones who put photos of themselves half naked…. It does get peoples attention, I guess…. If you want that kind of attention. It’s sad, really. Some say that myspace isn’t real, I don’t understand what people mean by that. It’s just another way of meeting people in this really big world that we live in. Why not? It’s hard for people to meet people in such big cities (LA, NY,)! It’s really cool when you come across a long lost friend that you haven’t seen in 15 years. yes, It’s happened to me ….. I was just talking…. Or “e-mailing” one of my new friends that I met on myspace from London and we started talking about music and bands and it turns out he used to be in some bands with an old friend of mine in London…. Small world! So he got him to sign up and we are pen-pals again. All and all….. I think myspace is a good thing.

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