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9:27 AM

music: I woke up to "she said she likes the dirty rock 'n roll" in my head by Sons and Lovers then later it was "whatchu whatchu waiting for" by The Vacation. it's a Brownsville Station type song. I can't remember the exact title at the moment but it reminded me of "smokin in the boys room" by Brownsville Station.

I didn't do much over the weekend. I did go see The Fantastic four and if it wasn't for Jessica, I think it would have been a really cool flick. I skipped shows on Friday and Saturday, saving up my energy for last nights show at the Troubadour with The Vacation / Sons and Lovers. I really hope these guys play together again.
It was a perfect line up. Sons and Lovers were so good that [dave] the singer even got a lady in a wheelchair to stand up and dance! That was amazing!

It was good to see The Vacation again after a long-ass tour across the States. As always they put on a rawkin' show.
I only wanted to punch one person at the show and I would have if I turned around and saw her mimicking licking my arm and giving me the "hail" sign with her hands; as my friend later told me. i guess she was jealous that i was in front of her taking photos, like i "took her camera spot" or something. get over it! why is it that some people feel the need to come up to you and ask what kind of camera you are using during the show? I mean.... what difference does it make if i said an instamatic or a canon AE1? I'd be flattered if it where some cool guy trying to talk to me after the show but nooo, it was some really drunk little girl while a band was on stage
. I couldn't hear her that well so I just waved my hand at her to go away. she did. other then those two insidences, i had a lot of fun. A lot of my friends whom I haven't seen all in one room in ages where there. I'm glad they all had a good time seeing both bands as well.
I'm telling you ...... go see The Vacation and Sons and Lovers! ok, and Sabrosa Purr

If you have any shows to tell me about, please feel free to post 'em here.
If you've been watching that INXS 'rockstar' thing on tv.... vote for Neal Carlson! He's from a really cool band in NY called "Bona Roba" last week he did a Stones song, last night he did CCR's "fortunate son". He will be on tonight as well. check it out.

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