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3:49 AM

music: jet, pernice brothers, the loves
cari and i went to ameoba today then to see "down with love" which we both agreed we could have done without! so we felt like drinking afterwards.....we started out at a place by her house called the roost, where elliott smith used to hang out and write songs....., it was ok, then headed down the street to the big foot lodge, then the tiki room and good luck bar and ended out night at the short stop. i only had 3 mudslides all night :) funny but elliott comes walking in about 1/2 hour later and then i see greg dulli, the owner of the bar, lead singer of the afghan whigs!! yay for the short stop! cari and i had a nice conversation with some guys about some guys hair cut! it was fun! then we both met some other nice folks!
bed time! can't wait to listen to all the cds i just purchased today!!
oh - calla is playing at spaceland on sunday night! yay! monday is the paul f thompkins comedy show at the largo.
have fun - suze

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