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10:58 AM

music: jeff buckley
okay so last saturday i went to see minibar at o'brians in santa monica with cari. good times. lot's of drinking, great entertainment. i couldn't have asked for more on that night.....well, maybe but i won't say here.
last night jon brion played at the largo for making up for not being there lately due to working on fiona's cd at abbey road studios in london. he just got off the plane and drove to the largo to play. needless to say he was really mellow. i was actually falling asleep in my chair, only nodded off two or three times (head jerk thing). they changed the salad dressing on the largo salad at the largo, it was homemade! ellen told me the guy that makes it is just lazy right now. aaargh. it's the only thing i eat there!
jon only did one set. he was in a beatles type of mood.....
looking forward to unsane on saturday. then a bunch of shows including: the sadies, silvercities, tv eyes, luther russell, the sons, jet, the liars?, greg behrendt (comedy), calla, paul f tompkins (comedy), ash, grandaddy, minibar, flamming lips w/ liz phair, the datsuns, the eels, jet again, the pernice brothers, califone, soledad brothers, the kills, and last but not least supergrass!! 'phew' - suze

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