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9:28 AM

music: JET, cop shoot cop, clinic
yay! my cd player in my vehicle works now. i guess it just needed a rest. strange.
last tuesday i went to the troubadour to see t.v. eyes, featuring jason falkner and that's the only reason i went. the screen behind them playing old movies and old bands was awesome, the music....well, lets just say i was over 80's music when the 80's were still here. sorry my cool friends!!
wednesday night i went back to the troubadour to see verbena. i had to sit through two awful bands first. verbena are good but the sound wasn't so good. that's all i'm gonna say about that. on saturday i went to spaceland to see JET and TSAR. fucking awesome! jet remind me of led zep meets the rolling stones and iggy pop, theres more but i can't think of it right now. anyway, trust me if this band ever comes around again (and they are....JUNE 19th at the troubadour) don't miss it. TSAR were a surprise, icing in the cake if you will. i've always wanted to see them but never have until saturday. they are fun rockin' pop.
coming up i may go see rocket science at spaceland tonight, but i'm pretty tired. they are an aussie band and it only cost 6 bucks. unless mario lets us in free again...
wednesday is greg behrendt at the largo, he is the comedian i'm always talking about. this weekend is calla at spaceland, yay!
ok, must do some work today....

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