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music: new grandaddy
ok i usually don't like to get to personal here but i just have to say...yesterday was one of the hardest things i'd ever gone through! I know this is not about me....
my dad is in the hospital. he is a diabetic. he had gall bladder surgery the other day.
he has to stay in the hospital for at least 5 more days, he has a tube down his throat to help him breath, his kidneys failed but he is better now. i get his e-mail yesterday from my 'wacked out' cousin (everyone has at least one, right?) anyway she has been sending out this updates on my dad and her mom (both in the hospital) anyway....these e-mails are way over exagerated and scares everyone! so i'm here shaking and crying at work while reading this e-mail, coudn't get an answer from the hospital as to how my dad was i just went down there. i'm glad that i did see him, it will be better to see him tonight when the tube is out of his throat so he can talk. poor thing!
stuff like this makes you sorta 'wake up' and want to spend more time with your parents, ya know. when my dad is able to speak i want to remind him of when i was about 7...going to disneyland with him , buying these large pickles and sitting on this porch swing on main street just eating a pickle with him and talking. it was cool! ok, anyway....

i'm gonna skip the henry fonda- L.A. weekly awards thingy tonight. elliott smith, minibar and the 88 are going to be performing. it should be good, but i'm drained and i have alot of packing to do still. i fell asleep with my clothes on after drinking a glass of wine and taking 2 canadian tylenol's!! it was a good thing though.
love, suze

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