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movie: ghost world
i just wanted to be different and put a movie down instead of music! i saw a bunch of dvd's lately: the adventures of sebastian cole, CQ, go, ghost world, gone in 60 seconds. a few of my friends are on this dvd thingy called "netflix" and you can rent dvds through the mail, as many as you can watch for only $20 bucks a month. sounds like a great deal!
the last couple of days have been weird, filled with contemplation, aggravation, just plan old "f.....uck! attitude". i need to go play basketball or something, maybe head to the batting cages. i tried running last night but i got tired to fast. guess that means i need to get back into shape and start eating better! oh and maybe miss some concerts so i can get some sleep also (as.....if!) is it irresponsible to go to so many shows all the time at my age? should i be doing "more" for myself than watching others all the time? these are questions that i ask myself all the time but i always come back to "i enjoy it - so why stop". i really need to get away for awhile! i mean away-away. i'd like to go to seattle and bum around there a bit, the bumpershoot is coming up and i may just go to that, but i would like to get away from the music scene, take a break, go camping/hiking somewhere for a few days!! when i say music scene, i don't mean that i'm some big social music-scene butterfly either. i've been around in some-sort-of music scene for over 15 years now and only see familiar faces; i don't know everyone.... i just enjoy going to see the bands and taking photos - that’s what i do. i haven't made any money off of them (yet) i just do it because it's my passion. i used to shoot and review for flipside the punk rock magazine, back when the magazine was kickin' (dead now). i used to go to bogarts in long beach (gone! now it's part of the wow! store on pch), fenders in long beach (dead and gone also), jabberjaw (l.a. - dead and gone). hmmmm what is this blog leading to? absolutely nothing! i'm looking forward to a calm night at the largo - listening to Mr. Jon Brion! then saturday is the datsuns at the glasshouse!! yay! uh oh yeah then sunday is the lilys at spaceland. what was i saying about cutting down on gigs????! i'm tired already! -suze

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