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7:14 PM

music: blur/stones/foo fighters

still haven't got my cd changer fixed (or better yet, a new one) kroq isn't as bad if you only listen to it like once a day for 'bout an hour. but any longer then you start hearing the same shit over and over again, and i mean shit.
it feels good to be back in the work force. finally! i've started a diet type thing....just eat better (no more animal cookies). it all started when i went to the grocery store 'round 4pm on a saturday while i was starving_hadn't eaten all day. i started buying all this crap that i never ever buy. but those fudge bars....yummy! but no more, i'm done! my favorite thing is sunflower seeds and vanilla bean ice cream. ah man, i'm so hungry right now. i got this frozen pizza in the freezer (gee where else would it be)...i think i'll have that tonight.
i'm taking my lunch to work, going for walks on my breaks and doing tae-bo and ab work-out on alternating days when i get home.
i was thinking that i wanted to do another web-page starting with my earliest memories as a kid and going from there...sorta like a book i guess. everyone should do this! well, maybe some folks aren't as interested in the past as i am.
last night i was bored and i stared watching one of those really stupid shows....this was about kids finding a date for the mom. i don't understand why or how these shows even make it on the air!! ok, i watch blind date, elimidate and the fifth wheel - i get sucked into it, i'm just so amazed that people are acting that way on dates. i'm afraid, very afraid! ha ha. i should be reading instead of watching the tube. and i feel guilty for watching.
other thoughts...what should i take in school next semister? photography or computers? i'm only taking one class, can't be both! almost forgot to mention, this was the second time i saw a friend on blind date (stupid show)...he was one of the gondola riders while this couple was on a was derrick from JWKB, he was funny! another time i caught part of the show where my friend "christa" was tripping on the sidewalk on her date, haven't seen the whole show but i'm sure it was funny.
enough about tv (again)-*s*

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