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February 13, 2007

I woke up in a “what the hell am I going to wear; I don’t have anything to wear; I need to go shopping” kind of mood today. Needless to say all girls go through the same feeling at some point every few months or so, even if they have a wall length closet overstuffed with clothes as I do.

Today I’m going to lunch with an old co-worker whom I haven’t seen or heard from in over 5 years. It’s pretty cool how some people are able to stay connected in some way or another. I remember sitting at my desk listening to either Tom Waits or Elvis Costello and this guy walks by and stops to talk to me. We became friends from that point on. I have other old timer friends who I used to work with that sends me an e-mail ever so often just to keep in touch and it’s a nice feeling.
I think it’s interesting and unusual that people can touch your life in such a way that you remain friends for so long even if you don’t keep in contact the whole time.
I have friends and lovers that I often think about and wonder how they are doing. Some that I still keep in contact with, but mostly aren’t able to. There are 2 guys in particular that I really want to know where they are. Dave Leon (photographer in Oregon) who last I knew was living in DC. I met him when I had moved to Oregon. We kept in touch via snail mail for awhile until one night he called my house and I was with a boyfriend at the time who didn’t want me to see him. My mistake. I no longer have that boyfriend and lost a good old friend. Another was Mike Powell (bass player for the Love Cowboys) from England. Last I heard was he quit the band because he didn’t like the road life and started a band with his brother.
I had a really good friend named Holly in Oregon also. We used to go to concerts together and just hang out and be silly. She now lives in Chicago with her husband and children. We still send Christmas cards every year with updated photos.
My best friend whom I practically grew up with as a child was Tracey Heiser. After she got married and moved to Oregon and had 2 kids, we pretty much lost contact. Though we often thank about each other and write letters once in a blue moon. Always a Christmas card though.
Then there are my friends who I grew up with in Record Stores who taught me about the real important stuff. The friends who I couldn’t imagine living without. Working in record stores is what every kid who is a music lover should do. I learned so much and I appreciate so much more then I would have if I never worked in one at all.

I’ve seen Notes on a scandal, Pans Labyrinth and Factory Girl. I enjoyed them all very much. This week I will have to see a couple of chick flicks; Music and Lyrics, Catch and Release.
Judi Dench was incredibly creepy in this movie and seeing Cate Blanchett kissing a 15 yr old boy sorta grossed me out. I mean the kids body looked like just that, a KIDS BODY. I loved the movie none the less. Wonderful actors. Bill Nighly has never done a bad movie. Pan Labyrinth was very dark story, not at all for kids as you might think. The acting was unbelievably awesome. I was in awe throughout most of the movie, I mean I was actually staring at the screen with my mouth open as you would think a child would do seeing something like Cinderella for the first time. I loved the storybook look of it and it had an interesting plot. Factory Girl (documentary of Edie Sedgewick) was cool. I dig stories about the 60’s. This one in particular was fascinating because it had all the arts intertwined in it; Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Models and fashion as well as Musicians and Poets. Although this movie made Bob Dylan look like a prick and I think it was totally wrong of them to do. They made Andy look like a hollier than thou, chain smoking, pompous – ass – clown. Which was most likely a very true to life portrayal. Guy Pearce did an excellent job looking and acting like Andy. I think Andy Warhol’s artwork is cool but in a Target kind of way. It’s not like I’m going to stand back and stare at one and go “hmm… very interesting brush strokes”. Hayden Christensen, ahhh… not so much. Although Hayden is a total fox, his voice just didn’t work. He also made Bob Dylan look a little unsure of himself at times and that didn’t sit well with me.

Last week Luther Russell played at the Echo in Silverlake with Peter Hayes from the band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I was going to go but at the last minute ended up not going. I sort of regret it although I did stay home and work on organizing my photos some more. If you or someone you know went, please write me a review. I’m really curious. Luther is going to be playing at Spaceland with his Latino band called Ollin next month, So I may go check that out. Luther was in a band called The Freewheelers back in the 90’s, they put out a few CD’s which I totally love, then he hooked up with Marc Ford (Black Crowes ) to do a band but they never put a record out. He just jams with cool people and writes great songs and is simply beautiful.
I once ran into him at the Hotel Café and I was so nervous but I had to say something. I always fumble when I’m trying to be cool and not faint…… I think I just said something stupid like; “I love your music, the freewheelers was a great band” and he was super nice to me and replying with a “thank you, what is your favorite song” I was shocked and happy that he was conversing with me and I said that I thought the song “Beautiful Suzette” was amazing. He said that he would play it for me. He didn’t but later said he would the next time….. Chris Joyner was also present and I was introduced to him as well. It’s like what do you say? I can’t sit and talk about the sounds he had on the record and I can’t very well just say “I find you really attractive, will you kiss me now”. LOL

Looking back on some of my reviews of bands in the Old Flipside magazines, I just have to laugh. I would mostly reference the sound being loud or amazing and I would always have to throw in something sexual like “I loved to see the sweat dripping off his cheek”.

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