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January 25, 2007

I’m back to being bored at work. Today about 11 of us are going to the Fish Company for lunch for all our hard work on the very successful yearly employee meeting we had last week. I basically fetched coffee from starbucks and flipped a switch every now and then during the meeting. The power went out twice after the start of the meeting but someone figured it out and fixed it. All the photos that I’ve taken over the past few weeks were pretty much lost due to a computer crash the night before, so only a few were shown.

My birthday came and went. I’m 29 (the new 39) as I like to call it. My friends took me out to dinner to my favorite restaurants all last week.

I haven’t been to the gym or a karate class in about a month. I will begin again this weekend. I just feel all wrong and that I have to start over.

On a Music Note:
The new Wilco CD will be out on May 15th, called Sky Blue Sky. A new Stereophonics CD will be out really soon, actually it’s not new but it’s re-released with a bonus disc of their B-sides. TV on the radio is playing at the Henry Fonda Theatre on March 30th and 31st. Ricki Lee Jones is also playing at the Fonda in March on the 1st and the wonderful and beautifully talented Neko Case will also grace us at the Fonda on February 17th.

I’ve been listening to my ipod on shuffle in my jeep for the past few weeks and it’s like having my own radio station with no commercials. I love it. My new system has not only Sirius Radio but an Ipod hook up built in and it shows the names of songs as well as the band on the LCD screen and a CD player.

I finally broke down and bought a camera and a scanner recently. Still haven’t opened either but I will this weekend. I find myself collecting and then depriving myself….. weird. I bought a Nikon D-40. I read tons of excellent reviews on it before the purchase.
All my other cameras have been Cannon, so this is a big change for me. Hopefully a good one! I may take a day trip to either Venice Beach or Joshua Tree this weekend to shoot.

Although Sneaky (or "Sneeky") Pete Kleinow's funeral services will be at Joshua Tree this Saturday. He was not only in the Flying Burrito Brothers, he was a special effects artist and director who worked on the original gumby, he recently died from Alzheimer's. Sad but true.

I’m still trying to find an apartment in Long Beach or Fullerton, I swear, the prices seem to go up just about every month. I can’t see myself paying over $1000 for a one bedroom in an ok area of either city. I may as well save up a bit more and buy my dream loft in downtown. Paying rent is like throwing money down the drain if it isn’t going towards something you get to keep. You know what I mean? I guess it is ok in certain situations. Damn, I’ve been in need of a new apartment for just about 4 years now. That right there shows you how I roll.

Last week my old hair dresser Jude Alcala was on the Greg Behrendt show. I had forgotten that I met him through my old record store days (Tempo Records/ Best Records in Cerritos) He went to high School with my fellow co-workers. He was cutting Carmen Electras hair the same year as he was doing mine. Then he went on to do the Osbourne family (as in Ozzy) on their reality tv show. It seems he’s moving on up.

Credit Cards
I can’t mention this enough. Some people just don’t realize that they can call their credit card company and get a lower APR simply by asking. I recently did a balance transfer to a lower APR card and now I only have one credit card payment every month. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve learned my lesson about credit cards. Although it’s good to have credit but it’s much better if you are able to pay it off each month.

back to school
I’ve decided to take a digital photo class back at my old college, so I contacted my teacher and asked if they offered the beginning class and he told me that they do but not until this Fall. I guess I will have to wait. I think it will be good for me to get back with the creative people.

The last movie I saw was Children of Men on my birthday. It was really good. It was shocking to see that Julianne Moore dies so early on in the movie. (ooops!) I also saw The Pursuit of Happyness, it was a good true story and it totally pulled on my heartstrings.
I do want to see the good shephard, notes on a scandal, freedom writers, factory girl, because i said so, smokin aces, the queen, music and lyrics, pans labyrinth and I want to see "Catch and release" when it comes out tomorrow. It’s a total chick flick though. I love the main guy (Timothy Olyphant) in it. He looks so hot in the previews holding the camera with the cowboy hat on. Grrrrrrrr!

I’ve been searching for this book called Hollywood Rocks ever since it’s been out of print in hard cover. I’ve seen it on-line for over $200 when at the store it was less then $30 bucks. Yes, I’m kicking myself for being so cheap a few years back when I had the chance to grab one. It’s all about Hollywood back in the days when I’d hang out there (80’s early 90’s). I basically want to look at while I’m making my own photo book from those times. So, If you see one in hard back for less then $100 somewhere, please let me know.

I know this post is all over the place but that’s how my mind works.

In the news:

Did you read about the 71 year old KKK member who was finally brought to justice for the 1964 killings of the two little black boys? This makes me so happy that the boy’s families can now relax.

or how about the one about the girl who had been missing from her job at the coca cola company in Downey? after reading this story in the news, I'm thinking it was the husband. Totally!

Also there was a crime of passion pertaining to some skydivers in Berlin recently. Two women in their late 30’s were in love with the same man, the women went skydiving with some friend and when one of the women’s parachute didn’t open, she fell to her death. The other woman is being investigated for tampering with her parachute. Why kill over a man? Why not just get rid of the man? I don’t mean by killing him, just not go out with the ass-clown anymore. Some people are so selfish and insecure. The dead woman was married and had kids. Ok so it was a little more to it then just being in love with the same man (other than her husband). We are here for a short time, move on..... there are other ass-clownes to go out with.

interesting detective stuff
A friend of mine who I met during my Jon Brion/ Largo days lives in Canada and has been involved in cracking the largest serial murder case in Canada ever: here is the link.

What else…. What else?
TV Shows I’ve been keeping up with: MEN IN TREES, The office, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Greys Anatomy, What about Brian and of course Heroes. A bit of desperate housewives and medium once in awhile. I’m kind of looking forward to the upcoming season of Lost. I’m just curious as to what the island is all about. The drama is a bit much, same with Desperate housewives… that’s getting really stupid. The Office is one of the best comedy shows on besides Ugly Betty….. soo good!
I love my Tivo! I rarely watch my netflix anymore, I need to cancel it.

I’m back to being bored at work as you can tell (this is a long blog today). I did however submit my resume and a transfer form for a position that just opened in our HR department. I would be all set if I was hired on here permanently.

I’m still working on a portfolio of my photos that a guy in our ad department asked to look at a few weeks ago, I just don’t know if that was just a friendly question or he was genuinely interested in seeing my work (passion for rock) for a possible job. I won’t know until I get the damn thing to him, will I.

Oh oh…… I almost forgot. I finally got REAL health insurance and none of this crappy short term rip-off kind that you get thru a temp agency. I searched and searched on the net one day and the day my crappy insurance expired, I found Blue Cross. It was so simple to do it on-line and it cost less then that thru my temp agency. I’m happy.

Last but not least…. Myspace….I leave you with this.
I have a couple of friends on myspace who are really excellent writers. One in particular has been working on a book about his life which I always find to be interesting from other people. He blogs on myspace, chapters at a time and they are amazing! He is truly talented! You should check it out. He is a cool rocker guy who has had the pleasure of playing with the band Napalm Death. Check it out….. thanks, suze

I recently heard from my friend up North in Canada (the one who is working on that trial I had mentioned above) and he gave me this link to an update, apparently it just got under way last week and so it begins..... finally.

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