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Friday January 5, 2007

The Pernice Brothers (live a little) Joni Mitchell (hejira) The Jayhawks (sound of lies) Interpol (turn on the bright lights) Grant Lee Buffalo (copperopolis)

Happy New year!

I've been sick since new years eve. It all started around 10 pm.... fever, sinus, watery eyes.
It's 5 days later and I still have it. It seems that everyone has it at my work as well.

I have one request for you lazy Christmas lover Folks. TAKE YOUR DAMN LIGHTS DOWN ALREADY, CHRISTMAS IS OVER!!!
I'm sure there are worse things to look at but I for one can't stand to see peoples Christmas cheer all up during the day light hours. It just looks tacky. oh and forget about those who NEVER take down the lights. I won't go there.

I was supposed to go to my friends birthday party tomorrow (Saturday night) but I'm too sick. He's turning 40 (the new 28) and it's a halloween party. You see... he is a huge Halloween freak so his wife is surprising him with this type of a party.
I'm going to my uncles funeral then I'll just stay home and work on my photo projects.

I've been really busy at my work, not my actual job but this project that I'm helping another department with. I love it. I wish this would turn into something permanent. I've met just about everyone at my work doing this photo project for the big upcoming meeting that will be on January 18th. I've gone around to every department and have taken photos of people. I got to talking to some people (something I normally wouldn't be able to do) and this one guy asked what my background is.... we got to talking and he works on our ad's and brochures, creative type stuff... he mentioned that he would like to see some of my photos. I'm just happy for this opportunity. This is a kick in the ass to finally get a portfolio together so I can show at least a few of my photos that i've taken over the years.

I get overwhelmed looking at all my negatives that I tend to find other things to do instead. For instance right now I could be getting started on it but noooo I'm sitting here talking about it!

I HOPE 2007 BRINGS YOU CLOSER TO YOUR GOALS and by you, I mean me to. =)

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