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Wednesday December 27, 2006

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I’ll just start this by telling little stories of my most recent past.

I go with my friend Rick and his friend Ingrid met us there. The seats were good but just not close enough. I still had to watch the big screen to see the details. That Mick I tell ya, he still has the moves and the voice. He was non stop running around. It’s really no wonder why he stays so fit. I’d still do him, no doubt about that. The high point of the gig which made it worth it to me was when Keith came out alone and did a few songs. That Keith is the MAN, I tell ya! I could have done without hearing most of the hits that they sang right away. I’m just really happy that they did one of my all time favorite Stones songs (Dead Flowers). The parking was a nightmare. I will never go see a concert (I hate that term) again. We didn’t get the car moving for 2 whole hours. We sat there and watched as cars moved only inches every 20 minutes. We also got to see a drunk girl dry heave out the passenger door of a car in front of us.

Karate in Santa Barbara
This was a great experience for me. Mr. Ohshima has this beautiful house and Dojo built on top of a hill above Santa Barbara. The views are breath taking. We cleaned the Dojo before and after practice. All the Shotokan members from all around California were invited, so there was a lot of us. Luckily it’s a huge Dojo. It was wonderful to be practicing and be able to look out the floor to ceiling window and see the ocean. It was all open air because they took the sliding doors off. Man, that was cool! I can’t wait until next year. I took tons of photos and while I was practicing I had someone taking photos for me. On the way back home some of us stopped at the outlet mall, that was fun. 2 girls against 4 guys… we won…. Somehow.

Silversun Pickups at Fingerprints
I’m so glad I got to see this. I’ve been talking about this band for over a year now and finally they seem to be “making it”. I keep hearing their songs on indie 103.1 and they are playing sold out shows at the Troubadour. I love this band so much! They did an acoustic set at a record store in Long Beach (fingerprints) It was just the singer, he sat on a stool and played guitar and sang then the bass player (no bass) came up and sang with him and sang her song. It was really cool. I took tons of photos with Roger’s camera.

Neil Finn at the Largo
This was sort of a secret show that wasn’t so secret amongst Neil’s fans. I get there and there was hardly a line at all. I was shocked. I called my friend at work, also a huge Neil Finn fan and she came down in time to get a seat at the bar. I had a table with my friends Rick and Julie. Neil had some guests (Jon Brion) on stage and Missy Higgins opened up for him. She was very good. He also asked if there was anyone in the audience who played the drums and this guy got to go up there and play half the night with Neil Finn and Jon Brion! He was in heaven (the drummer) very good I might add. It was an excellent show.

Missing The Pernice Brothers Boo!
I ended up not going to see The Pernice Brothers because The Rolling Stones were on the same night then they played in San Diego and I just didn’t feel like driving to that. I wish I’d seen them instead of The Stones.

Jeep (fixed cigar lighter / New Boomin' System / Sirius Radio)
I’m finally happy with my jeep. The cigar lighter just wasn’t plugged in. A friend at work took a look at it and found that out for me. I recently bought a new stereo and Sirius radio and got some new speakers from Rick for Christmas. I’m very happy now.

LA Auto Show
The show was cool. Roger and I ate at Houstons in Pasadena first then walked around the show and looked at the new Hummer, New Jeep etc… I really want that new 4 door jeep. It looks like a little hummer but has better gas mileage and more headroom. They had futuristic looking cars and high end type cars that were fun to look at.

Motorcycle/Snowmobile riders at work (a demo)
I’ll post a few photos from the demo day we had here in the backyard of my work. It was pretty amazing to see a snowmobile doing a back flip off the ramp they had specially made for this occasion.

My new job (for now)
It seems I don’t have any time for the internet as before. I’ve been busy helping out the creative department on this photo project for this upcoming huge Meeting that’s in January. I’m going around to all the departments here and taking photos of everyone. It’s pretty cool finally getting to meet all these people, especially the racing team (wink, wink).

Christmas is almost here
Yeah. Here and finally gone. Christmas with family really sucked this year. Everyone left me and went on a vacation of some sort. I did end up having a rather nice Christmas with some old and dear friends. I went to Roger’s house for lunch with his dad. They grilled Lobster tails, that’s right! LOBSTER TAILS. Then we went to Pedro to hang with more friends. It was a great time. I love my friends!

Rude, impatient drivers in costco gas line
omg. I have to try and explain this and make this as short as possible. You know how Costco has a gas area with gas islands that hold 2 cars at a time on each side. Well the lines are long and I wait behind the line as you’re supposed to. I usually get lucky and the 2 cars getting gas in front of me are done at the some time so the car behind me, and I can pull in at the some time. This time, it was the case again except the car directly in front of me was taking a few extra seconds and I want to emphasize SECONDS, getting back into the car. This jack ass behind me pulled around me and in front of the person who had started to pull out and backed up in front of him and half way in the middle of the island. It just made everything worse. So the guy in front of me (seconds guy) couldn’t even pull around the jackass, he had to get out of his car and ask him to move closer to the pump. The jackass was about to put his card in the machine. He had to get back into his truck with his leg hanging out and pull up and back again. By this time I was putting gas in my jeep already shaking my head at him. I get a call from my friend Fay so I spoke loudly to her explaining what had just happened. The guy could have waited a few seconds and we could have avoided this whole incident but he was an impatient fuck-tard. I made sure he heard me. We were done at the same time even. I doubt he learned his lesson.

I sold my Camera
I felt a little guilty about doing this but did it anyway. I bought this Canon for close to $900 back in March and returned it with no questions asked for the full refund. I did drop it once awhile back but it didn’t do any damage. I just wanted to sell it back to compensate for the stereo system that I just bought myself. In time I will buy myself another camera. I already find myself missing one. I seriously need to do something with the photos that I already have though. In time…. In time.

THE END OF THE LINE - They say they die in 3's (James Brown (73), Gerald Ford (93) and my uncle Richard (83))
My sister (Shelly) came from Massachusetts to meet my mom in Palm Springs for a little Christmas vacation over the holidays. When we heard that my uncle had stage 4 lung Cancer and was in the hospital, they came back on Sunday so we could all go visit him In the hospital before it was to late. It was hard to see him with all the tubes coming out of him. I had a flashback from when my dad was in the hospital. Anyway…We walked into the room and he was resting but looked uncomfortable, moaning and stuff. We walked out. As we were down the hall we hear a loud caughing sound. My mom asked if we should go back in and I said Hell yes! He was awake and was coherent. My mom was speaking to him like he was a baby, that even upset me let alone him. He was such an independent guy, ya know. Not the babyin' type. It's like what do you say to someone who is about to die? I wanted to ask him what he was thinking, I wanted to hear from him. I kept my mouth shut just looked at him with caring eyes. I didn't have a close relationship with him or my aunt - thanks to my mom. Lot's of issues there.
Richard liked to collect old cars and trucks ever since I was a kid. I loved when we got to go over there and see them. It wasn't often enough. They had about 5 kids and they are all fucked up one way or another. One of which was given angel dust by a friend in his teen years and that fucked him up for life, he's now in and out of half way homes. Another was this surfer dude that I had a crush on (yeah, my own cousin) when I was a kid. Now he is a drugie and trys to break in my aunts house all the time. GREAT! Back to Richard (my dead uncle), I wish I had more to say about him but I didn't know him all that well. I was kept away from that family because my mom didn't want me around my cousins who used drugs. I was scared of them also.
Family gatherings were always fun.... NOT.... we were told stories of how one of them tried to kill my aunt with a knife..... and MY aunt thought I was a bad kid because I had a fucking ring in my nose and lip?? How fucked up is that?! Last time I saw her was at my gramps funeral and my cousins kids were there with piercings. I had to laugh. I had taken mine all out and yet she still brought it up to everyone asking me if I still had any! I took all mine out about 10 years ago. I should have said "yeah, they are all gone except the one in my vagina". LOL
I was trying to get at my Uncles last words to us, they were "Looks like this is the end of the line". I couldn't stop the tears, I had to turn away and walk out.

Why my family sucks
I don’t know why, they just do. I’ve got issues with my mom, thought I had issues with my sister but I think it’s just my mom. We aren’t close. We never will be and that’s just the way it is. I know my sister and I are different and we have a lot of love to give, it’s just my moms family suck at being close and saying things like “I love you” etc.. I know if I ever have kids, it will be different.

Why my friends are important to me
Because my family sucks and I’ve always felt that my friends ARE my family.
It's just nice to know that I have friends who I can turn to and they've known me for over 10 years.

Why do I have bad luck with guys (illegal's and "off the grid/been in prison") types. LOL
I’ve hung out with this guy that I met at the gym almost a year ago, we go to the movies once in awhile. He’s young and kind of hot but his English ….. not so good but he’s learning. Anyway – somehow we understand each other. I just know I’m not into him as much as he’s into me. He’s too young and well… Illegal. Hahaha. My friend who lived around the corner from me when I was still in high school just came back home to visit his family. I thought I was a lot older then him but apparently I’m not. Once my mom caught us in the living room making out on the floor, I was only 17 or 18. He’s this hot Italian, long hair Guns and Roses loving kind of guy. My friend Sandy and I used to take him with us to Hollywood. He reminded me of seeing Kix and Funhouse at the Whiskey (something I did not remember). Now he shows up at my door on Christmas and looks exactly the same. We were in shock of each other. He kept telling me how I look even younger then before. I guess he’s grown up and knows what he is doing with the ladies now. LOL.
We got to talking and I kept getting this crazy feeling like I did when we were younger (like there is something not right about him). I found out that he lives in Northern California and doesn’t pay taxes and is “off the grid”. The last time we communicated thru e-mail earlier this year, I had this suspision that he was in jail or something. I was right. He was in San Quentin for 2 years for a misunderstanding regarding pot. Hmmmmm?
Why can’t I find a normal dude to hang with? Where are you?!

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