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What a fabulous week this will be!

I have to mention this because I let this asshole get to me at the gym last night. If you have any suggestions on how to handle this guy, please let me know.
Let me paint you the picture of our first meeting……
I was walking around the track with my headphones on and this guy was at one of the entrances. He stopped me and just started to talk to me. I thought that was strange but he seemed nice enough at the time so I said hello and introduced myself, we talked briefly, granted I never seen this guy at the gym before. Ok, that said…..I see him about a week or so later, this time I was on the floor stretching without my headphones getting ready for my workout. He was on a machine behind me and starts talking to me again, this time asking if I had cats (he saw me in the parking lot of the gym trying to help a stray cat). I said yes, I had one and he proceeded to bother me some more by asking if I even liked dogs.
At this point I know I hate this guy. Hate is a strong word but you know when you don’t like someone and if they keep talking to you after you already give them the vibe like “hey, I’m busy and not interested” then they should leave you alone forever. This type of guy is creepy. He approaches you even if you didn’t make eye contact with him.
That was our first few meetings/running into each other rather, about 3 months ago.
So last night I’m on the leg lift machine, the one where you lift your legs as you’re holding yourself up with your arms and he walks over to me and my headphones are blaring, I can’t hear anything at all. He seemed to be talking to me. This is something I would never do even if I was friends with someone (bother them while they were in the middle of working out). Stupid me, I stop and point at my headphones as if to say “I can’t hear you”, I take them off and said “what?!” He said “Are you going to make me repeat myself?!!!!” in a tone I did not like at all. I know there are a few other choice words that I should have said but instead I simply stated that I could not hear him. He asked me how I was. I said great, how are you in a annoyed tone. He then asked if I remembered how I was acting towards him the last time we saw each other…… like a bitch. I said I didn’t remember anything and I’m totally over it and put my headphones back on and continued to workout. He was still talking to me but I looked away and he finally left. That got me so upset that I didn’t even do my full 2 hours. I know he is a guy with major issues and didn’t like rejection and deals with it by acting the way he is acting. He should just ignore me and move on.
I was told that the next time I run into him and he comes over to talk to me, just look him in the eye and look away and not talk to him. I was also told to tell him that I don’t want to speak to him. I, on the other hand want to reply to his cold and bitter “how are you” with a karate- throw down with a foot to the throat, that way he could never talk to me again.

Lesson here: Don’t think that it’s ok to talk to someone at the gym that is clearly there to workout, has headphones on and is not giving you eye contact!

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