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Wednesday October 11, 2006


A few things today....

I walked to Starbucks this morning (I know, I know.... starbucks... gheez) got my venti chai tea and to my surprise --- The Way I See It #153 is by someone/a band that I know called Tremolo. For those of you who drink Starbucks overpriced, dries-out-my-face hot drinks - first of all - STOP IT! It's too expensive and not to mention extremely fattening. Some of you may read the words written on the cup, but most don't. I only noticed them recently. Today was especially special. I've actually met the person (Justin Dillon) who's words were on the cup. He's in the band called Tremolo and they are from the Bay Area. I haven't thought about the band in awhile now, so starbucks has reminded me. I went to their website and they even have a myspace page. I'll keep in touch.
A friend of mine who recently moved to Nashville turned me onto Tremolo a few years ago by taking me to a special-show-case show of theirs. They are very talented nice guys. Not to mention, quite handsome too.

I've been slightly sick since Friday. I still can't fully breathe out of my nose yet. I thought it was best to skip my Tuesday night Karate class. I didn't want to have to wipe snot on my Gi or sneeze and punch - sneeze and kick. Not too cool.

I feel a lot better today. In fact I'm going out tonight.
I haven't seen a band in awhile and thought I'd head over to Que Sera in Long Beach (7th and Cherry) and catch The Snakebites with The Crystal Antlers.
My friend Skky moved to the great northwest (Seattle) last year and formed The Snakebites. It's just him singing and guitar slinging with Star playing the drums. From what I've heard on their myspace profile, they are pretty damn good. They've got that 60's garage rock thing going on. Skky looks a lot like Gram Parsons and even covers "older guys" by the late great country artist.
What I'm trying to get at is..... you should try and make your way down (or up) depending on where you live, to the Que tonight and if you can't make that show they will be playing with Sons and Lovers on Friday the 13th (this Friday) in Hollywood at the Lava Lounge located on La Brea off of Sunset blvd.


I get to be reminded everyday that I missed Tom Petty at the Hollywood Bowl recently because this guy in my office sounds exactly like him. The first time I heard his voice I thought that maybe Tom Petty was here - buying a motorcycle or something. Could happen.... we get famous people in here sometimes. (i.e. Gwen (no doubt), Brad Pitt (don't know if he was actually ever here but he's been at some events for our company), and the one who is always in here that drives most of the ladies in the office crazy is none other then Mr. I can't believe it's not butter himself, Fabio.
I love to hear this Tom Petty-sound-alike guy talk. I think I will tell him, when I find out who he is, that he sounds just like Tom Petty. Then I'll ask if he wants to go to a karaoke bar sometime.

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