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Thursday Oct. 5, 2006 “Blah blah blah blah”

It’s been far too long since I’ve had a real vacation.
I can’t afford one anytime soon.
I’d really like to go to Africa. If I did go to Africa, I’d have to take at least a month off.

I need a new gig but I have no idea what. Should I kick my own ass into doing something about my situation? I need to be busy and creative!

It’s been a long time since I blogged about this situation. I guess that’s a good thing except nothing has changed since then. Sure I’ve gotten in shape by working out and taking Karate and that’s great for me physically but that hasn’t helped me in a career choice. I say I’m going back to school but I never seem to find the time to actually do it.
I’ve cut down on going to shows but have replaced them with the gym.

The things I want to do aren’t going to make me any money right off the bat.
1) I’d like to get a photo gallery of my band photos (but who would want them these days?)
2) I want to make CD racks and sell them (but who has a ton of CDs anymore, everyone downloads to their ipods)
3) Other misc. things made out of wood……

There is this guy at the gym that used to give me dirty looks. Well, I thought that is what he was doing anyway. We now smile at each other and talk once in awhile. He asked me why I’m not married. I wish I knew a good comeback on this one. I know he’s just trying to compliment me and wants my phone number but I don’t find him to be my type at all. He probably listens to kiss FM and goes dancing on the weekends with a bunch of skanky whores. What?
Am I self obsessed? I’m sure I have my moments. Why else would I write a blog?
And why would you want to read it?

Actually I’ve noticed that once I quit talking about music so much, the numbers have dropped. What’s more exciting? Talking about everyday life stuff or about music and only music? I’d rather read about someone’s life. I’m a music lover but life is important and could be exciting.
It’s important to have goals and try to obtain them. You start to feel better once you start obtaining goals. Everyone can be happy. They just need to apply themselves.
It helps to have encouraging parents, partners and friends.
Wow, that was an absolute downer – and I apologize!

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