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October 17, 2006 Tuesday

I’ve missed 2 Karate classes so far and only one was my fault, the other was that the teacher wasn’t there. Fay told me that they were sparing already. I’m a little lost with the Katas let alone sparing. I’m a little nervous about class tonight.

How does it feel to be in the United States with 300 million other people? Can you believe it! O.K. now everyone give me a dollar!
I’d love to pay off my debt and buy a loft downtown and also make a book…… a quarter would be of tremendous help.

First an earthquake of 6.7 hits Hawaii (I wonder if the LOST crew is alright) and now a 5.8 hits New Zealand today.

- In other news…….

Wa Wah What!?
Ms. Scarlett Johansson signs Record Deal.

LOST IN TRANSLATION star SCARLETT JOHANSSON has signed a deal to make her first record, SCARLETT SINGS TOM WAITS
The album is being recorded at the moment and sessions will continue through the winter, with a possible release next spring (07) from Rhino
Records' currently re-activated Atco label.
According to Fox News, the 21-year-old is recording a whole album of songs by premier singer/songwriter Tom Waits
Sources says the eventual release date will be coordinated to coincide with Johansson's movie schedule.

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is set to create a new reality show, chronicling the eco-friendly reconstruction of an American town. yep, it's true. I just read about it on

Here’s my idea. Let’s make ‘cleaning up Los Angeles’ an entertainment reality show, huh!
yeah, Let’s get some actors out there on skid row and scrub the pee ridden sidewalks squeaky clean. Then help all those druged-out crazy-problem-homeless folks by putting them to work on their new non-cardboard housing project complete with a rehabilitation center and psych ward. Give them jobs and Identification chips. Then arrest all the drug dealers that come to skid row (life in prison or death EVS). This would help to clean the streets to build more art gallarys and artist lofts etc. It would be nice.
I think everyone would want to see THAT reality / show!

L.A. Gangs - and
While we are at it, why don’t we have a celebrity go into the bloods and crips housing area and ….. I guess there is nothing we can do there. Maybe we can install a 24 hour surveillance watch of the neighborhoods and either put the bad guys under arrest or just shoot them on the spot and be done with it. Of course they would need to un-learn their wrong doings and be educated ….. maybe through a dance class (like in that one movie) I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But you know what I’m getting at.
It all comes down to education, really. Think about it.

It’s like trying to figure out why we are here in the first place. You can only think so far back until you get a headache or go crazy. Ok, well…. Maybe it’s not like THAT. If you think about a person and why they are so fucked up, it comes down to education, either from the person who fucked them up or the fucked up person.

So the next time you’re in Target or Ross just think about that crying kid who won’t shut the hell up or the kids that just run around the store unattended. They could very well be the next blood or Crip. All because their un-educated mom doesn’t love them enough to pick them up and tell them how much they are loved or never bothered to explain the correct way to act in a public place.
I wonder what would happen if either of the said stores were to put a sign up on the front door that reads “kids must not run, scream, cry or argue with their parents in the store. If they do they will be escorted out immediately . Thank you and have a pleasant shopping experience”

Music – Bands – Venues

I’ve gone out to see a few shows recently. Some good, some not so good. Last Wednesday I saw The Snakebites along with The Crystal Antlers, both fun and entertaining. The Snakebites consisted of a girl (Star) drummer and Skky singing and playing the guitar, also (Sailor) sometimes back up singer and tamborine. They looked like the white strips type of band but sounded more like 60 lounge – garage rock band.
They have a few really good catchy songs that you will soon hear on the radio (I’m sure of it). Skky even sang "Older guys" for me, even though we were the only ones who knew the song out of everyone at Que Sera that night. It was sweet. He said "This one is called older guys and it's for Suze"! My friend Rhonda looked at me and laughed because she knows that I actually like the younger guys.
The Crystal Antlers are a band that have changed their sound as well as band members quite a bit since the last time I saw them. Now they could open up for a band such as Comets on Fire or Dead Meadow. They have that noisey –heavy guitar sound. A plus is that they do a great version of “It’s all over now, baby blue” fucking fantastic!! The drummer is super tight and can do a really good stage dive and when I say stage dive, I mean that from the audience he can dive onto the stage into the other bands drums making it look painful yet fun. Before a song, Johnny (the singer) loves to say “If you don’t like it , call the cops”. I saw both bands again at a place I’ve never been to before in LA called the Lava Lounge. I went by myself and was bored most of the night. The above mentioned bands were pretty good but for some reason I attract all the crazed idiots. They just come up to me either drunk or high ( I couldn’t tell) and just talk crazy talk. I try and be nice but sometimes (well, for sure at that moment) I want to be left alone. It was 3 bands, supposed to be 4 but the opening band didn’t make it. Sons and Lovers played last. I’m sorry to say that they sucked really super bad. I’m really sorry because the guys are really nice and one is even the brother of one of my best friends. They just have a problem with drinking to much before they hit the stage. I know they have some good songs and I have seen a few other shows that they were actually really good at but not to much lately. If they are in it for fun and drinking then so be it but if they want to sound good and put on a good show then my advice is to stop drinking so much and practice more. The drummer is great though, he reminded me of when I saw The Jesus Lizard at Bogarts and they were also really drunk (but they are professionals) and the Drummer of JL played with his eyes half closed while leaning against the wall and they still sounded amazing and rocked hard. SL drummer looked really cool while leaning against the wall still playing and keeping a rock steady beat.

Upcoming shows I may or may-not go to:

Tonight (Tuesday) The Black Angels at The Troubadour w/ The Tyde
Saturday (21st) Be your own Pet w/ Awesome Color at The Glass House
Monday (23rd) Detroit Cobras at The Galaxy
Wednesday (25th) The Twilight Singers at Sunset Strip House of Blues

P.S./FYI Jon Brion is on this months Largo calendar the last two Fridays in a row.

Continue Rocking……(I stole that from the Greg Behrendt show)

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