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Monday October 9, 2006
Cigarette Sandwich

Joe Pernice has one of the best singing voices ….in the world!
Listening to his music from either The Scud Mountain Boys, his Solo CD “Big Tobacco” or The Pernice Brothers Cd’s just makes me want to put my head on Joe's chest while he sings to me.
I absolutely love the sound of the lap steel on “Massachusetts” - fucking awesome.

I’m really excited to see them once again. It’s been far too long. Last time the opening band was that of their keyboard player, Mr. James Walbourne called Royal Gun. They are great! This time they have Elvis Perkins as an opener, haven’t heard of him before but apparently he’s been around for a few years and is from Rhode Island. Check out The Pernice Brothers Tour schedule and go see them!

I think The Twilight Singers / Greg Dulli should do a tour with The Pernice Brothers.
Although if that were ever to happen, I may just die from excitement. Seriously!

L.A. Kings: 4 Blues: 1

I went to my very first hockey game this past Saturday night. I’ve discovered that I like hockey and I like Brent Sopel. My good friend Rick got excellent seats, 8th Row – sec 110 at the Staples Center. I was amazed at the view. Perfect! It was exciting complete with a few fights but no bloodshed. They really get into it when they fight to. Helmets go flying and the gloves come off and they just go at it, hitting each other in the face. It kind of got me excited and made me want to jump down there with them.
Needless to say, I would like to go to more games as well as Basketball.

Goodbye Tower Records

I used to go to tower all the time as a kid then I worked in record stores and found out how much they jack up the prices. Tower was one of the worst jacker – of – prices.
Then I just started using them to listen to the CD’s at their very cool listening stations before buying at I’ve only downloaded songs when it was an unfamiliar artist and it was usually only a song or two.
I enjoyed Tower, mainly for the browsing aspect of it. I’d browse the magazines and usually bought a “Q “or “Mojo” or “Uncut” once in awhile. I’d browse the DVD’s but never buy anything. I just enjoyed walking in there and hearing music throughout the store. It was a good place to be able to listen to anything from Classical, Jazz, Folk and even Foreign stuff. A few of the Towers had some great In-stores. Not many record stores did this besides Amoeba or Fingerprints.

Tower started their liquidation sale yesterday and it will go on for 60 days or until all the stock is gone. I think everything is about 10% to 30% off right now. As time goes on it will be more. I’d like to go stock up on some box sets and blues CD’s that I’ve been meaning to get. I drove by the old Tower that was on Beach Blvd on Saturday and took some photos of it before they tear it down completely. I used to work there many years ago. I was telling a friend the other day that I really wished I’d taken photos of all the clubs that I’ve ever been to before they tore them down. I was thinking about Bogarts and how that just came down overnight without much notice. It’s really sad to see so many things that you’re so used to, just go away. We need to think about our history and try a little harder to preserve it before there is nothing left to remember. Fuck you history killers!

Last night I was watching Desperate Housewives and heard this funny line that I’ve never heard before and though it was so funny that as I was drinking my hot tea, it just about came out my nose.
one character was talking to this transvestite and she asked the traney what her name was. The traney said “Gates, first name Pearly – cuz you have to go through me to get to heaven” ok – so you had to have seen it.

Have you seen the infomercial on something called The Bean exerciser? It’s exactly like the workout Ball but more like a chair. It’s the lazy man’s Ball! The Ball is good because it makes you work at balancing. This Bean thing makes you more comfortable and work out less. Because you know people that usually don’t work out at all want to work out the easiest way possible. LAME!

They get all these people in their infomercial that already have great bodies to try and sell their product. Yeah, I did buy the Ab Roller from an infomercial when it first came out but you know what, I still use it once in awhile when I can’t get to the gym for some reason. I also saw this one on TV called The Red Exerciser. It’s basically a swivel bar stool with handles. Hey folks did you know you can exercise using just your swivel barstool? I started laughing when I saw this crap on TV. And again with the already buff bodies trying to sell you the product. You can lose 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks and it’s easy to store (which always happens to all these products in the first place).
The Bean is only $50 bucks and the Red is only $14.95. that’s pretty cheap for a barstool!
You can exercise while you drink, hey!

Being SICK

I kicked my colds Arse! I started feeling sick with watery eyes and the sniffles on Friday after work so I didn’t go to the gym. On Saturday, I did go to the Kings game but I wore a heavy coat and sat the whole time, well until they scored each of the 4 times. I finally watched 400 blows via netflix on Sunday afternoon. It was a relaxing weekend. I never got full blown sick thanks to COLD EEZE (honey lemon flavor) and a lot of hot tea with honey.

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