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Monday - September 4, 2006
Labor Day

I'll start off by saying that MUDHONEY is back and playing at a room in The Echo called the Ex_Plx, on November 3rd. YEAH!

I fixed my jeep myself (oh yeah!) I bought the rubber part for the hood and when I picked it up at the jeep dealer one of the old men that worked there asked me if I was going to do it myself. He didn't know what the part was but still I hated the way he asked me, the look on his face. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't change my own tire or oil or wash my jeep etc...
replacing that rubber part has solved the water leak (so far) and it only cost me $42 bucks.

I found a place to fix the front end damage from an accident that happend over 2 years ago. I went to 3 different places for estimates and the 3rd one gave me the best price and was recommended to me by my machanic.
Today I'm taking the fenders off to re-paint them. My jeep will look brand new by Friday!
I'm so excited.

the next day.........
I sanded and painted my fenders on Monday. It only took me 6 hours! I had a hard time taking the fenders off at first forgetting how I did it the last time. Today I ordered 4 side/corner bumpers on-line. I'll put those on after I get my jeep back on Friday. Of course as I was trying to take off the old bumpers I found an oil leak. I don't know how to fix that just yet. I've also noticed that sometimes when I start my jeep it chugs and doesn't turn over. It seems like it's the battery at first but I know it's not.

Today I started my Karate class with my friend Fay. We are going to go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm so excited about it.
I ran into an old friend at Togos in Long Beach tonight before my class. He remembered my name and I felt like an idiot for forgetting his, even though we worked together at Bionic Records. Later I thought about it and figured it out that it was Dan. I kept thinking it was Little Dennis.... a name we at Bionic Records used to call this other guy there because Big Dennis is the owner. ok, anyway...... This guy was the coolest of them all. He's now a tattoo artist at Sunset Tattoo. I'll have to go in there and have him draw me a naked man on my arm like I've always wanted.

ok, I gotta go to bed now..... Sex in the City is over.

...... I'll write about my adventure to Safari Sams on Saturday, later.
The Superbees reunited after 4 years and Sons and Lovers played.

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