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The Pernice Brothers are coming!!! ..... to Spaceland on November 22
I just ordered their new CD on-line called Live a little. It will come with an extra "bonus" CD which will have 17 tracks of outtakes and other stuff.

Someone just mentioned that a band called Massive Attack is playing with TV on the Radio at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday. Should be a cool gig, though $43 bucks seems a bit much for anything these days.

Another thing that has been on my mind lately is moving to the wonderful city of Fullerton. If anyone knows of any cool apartment buildings in or near old town, please let me know.

One more thing, Don't, I repeat! DON'T BOTHER SEEING THE BLACK DAHLIA, It really sucks.
I think I'll go see Half Nelson this weekend.

Has anyone heard the new Justin Timberlake CD? I heard a few tracks and I like it. I caught him on Jay Leno (was it?) the other night and he was great! I really dig it. Other CD's that I want to somehow get are: Catpower, Jet, TV on the Radio and I'd really like to replace my CD's that were in my jeep when it was stolen last year. They got scratched and I never got around to replacing them.

I ended up not going to the Disneyland jog/run thingy this past Saturday. I didn't get up in time and I pretty much talked myself out of it the day before. I heard the half marathon was huge the day after. Instead, I went to the gym and only jogged a mile. I'm working my way to keep it up and get to a regular 2 or 3 miles on every trip to the gym. The Karate class is also keeping me in shape. We are learning "blocking". I didn't realize how uncordinated I could be! The teacher says that the repetition will work eventually and it will all become second nature to us. This means I will be able to be talking with someone somewhere and if an attacker comes up I can easily karate chop them and continue to talk as if it was no big deal...... I can't wait!

Dylan is playing with Kings of Leon coming up and I have a chance to visit a friend in Oregon and go to the gig there but I just can't see myself spending all that money on a plane ticket and then see another disappointing Dylan show.

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