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2:58 PM

Wilco – Summerteeth (possibly one of the greatest bands/cd’s ever!)

I’m having a bad day and it’s because I have to deal with more jeep problems. The jeep dealer (moothart in Cerritos) are being total dicks to me, treating me like a “girl”.
You wanna know a really stupid thing they told me yesterday! This guy Ramon (the manager of the body shop) said “we need to wait for the carpet to dry before we run water over your jeep again to determine where the leak is coming from”.
O.K. how many of you out there had the same solution? I’m sure you thought to yourself , ….. you don’t need the carpet in the jeep to determine a water leak you can use paper or towels! How stupid do they think I am? Why must they lead me on?
He told me that it could be a hole in the firewall and the rubber grommett is worn where the wires pass through. He also asked if anyone did anything to my alarm recently. HA, they were the last ones to do ANYTHING (alarm, wires, windshield, doors) and they are trying to tell me that this has nothing to do with their previous work.

I’m on the 5th song already, I was staring at my keyboard this whole time just thinking about everything – then again thinking about nothing.

I’m just waiting right now, I’ll probably have to take some time off work towards the end of my workday to go get my jeep from the dealer beings they aren’t even open on the weekends. Most likely I’ll have to bring it in again for some more B.S. next week. Oh Joy!!

I’m imagining all these scenarios for when I get there.

1. I get dropped off and I walk into the office and they tell me that it’s all done, they fixed everything, even the rubber on the windows so it doesn’t squeak anymore and had me a dozen roses all the while telling me how sorry they were for treating me the way they have. No Charge.

2. I walk in there and he tells me that they won’t have the part for another two weeks and he will call me when it comes in and it will cost me $300.00.

3. I walk in and tell him that I’m taking my jeep for the weekend and I’ll bring it back just as soon as they figure out a way to fix the problem, he then tells me that It will cost me $100.00 to take the jeep, I tell him that I won’t pay and he tells me that I can’t take the jeep until I pay. I start yelling at him and making a huge scene in front of everyone (like a crazy person). He gets scared and gives me my keys, after of course I punch him in his ball.

4. My mom drops me off and she walks in there with me and we ask him to explain the problem to us and he sounds like an idiot giving us the run around, my mom calls him out and asks for his manager. His manager determines that Ramon is an idiot and gets fired on the spot. My jeep gets fixed the right way and I’m happy.

What I think will happen…

5. I go get my jeep, it’s not ready. They don’t have it put back together and I sit an wait for an hour. They tell me that they still don’t know what is wrong and to bring it in next Tuesday and they will do some more tests. I won’t have to pay this time.

Change of subject, to an even more boring one....
I found the jeans that I’ve been looking for on ebay. It seems the size is a tad too big but with a belt, it’s a pretty good fit. I don’t understand European sizes to well, they are all so different. I thought I was a 31 but I guess I’m more like a 29 now.
I guess I could sell them on ebay if I found a smaller size.
As for the belt that I wanted, I bought it twice and both places were out of stock so no luck on that.

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