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2:47 PM

Music: I just bought these CD's, haven't listened to them yet.
1. Afghan Whigs - 1965 (thought I already had this)
2. Eagles of death metal - Death by Sexy
3. Tool - Lateralus
4. Silversun Pickups - Carnavas
5. Tool - Ænima

Today I learned a little French and Spanish.
I’ve been so absolutely bored at work that I look for things to do on the internet, and I found some free on-line language learning sites that seem to be pretty cool.

I finally finished that book called Fargo Rock City by Chuck Klosterman, that I’ve been trying to get through for the last year or so.
I started one that I bought a few months ago called Love Monkey by Kyle Smith. I mostly bought it because of the T.V. show that was on for a short stint, plus they had it in hardback. I love hardback books. I collect them weather I read them or not. I just assume that eventually I will get around to reading them.

If I were able to play computer games at my desk then I would be totally set for the day. I could spend hours upon hours playing this game my dad got me hooked on called 7 wonders of the world. Sometimes, on the weekends I find myself playing until 1 or 2 am. That’s just about as bad as when I was hooked on The Sims! I only had the original in that game and I couldn’t image how It would be if I had all the upgraded ones they have out now.

Today is my mom’s birthday so I’m taking her out to the Fish Company. I think I will have lobster tail. YUM. I usually get halibut but I need to try something different. I’ll take her out for lunch this weekend as well, and when I say her, I really mean me. I love that restaurant called Houstons and we both think they have the best veggie burgers on the West coast. So really, I’m not being totally selfish…. perhaps a little. They have 3 restaurants that I know of and I’ve been to all of them, make that 4 because there is one in NY that I’ve been to as well. That was the nicest one I’ve ever been to. They are all really nice and friendly… maybe even a bit stuck up, but that goes with the territory (Irvine, West Hollywood, Pasadena) though N.Y. was really nice and not stuck up at all. Go figure.

One more thing to mention before I end this post….
I’m taking my Jeep in, yet again, this time to a different dealer, one that doesn’t know me or hate me... yet.
The problem is that every time it rains or I get my jeep washed the carpet underneath my heavy duty floor mat gets wet and stays wet. It’s only on my side. I can’t figure out where the water is coming in at. I’m sure it’s due to the shoddy work that the dealer (Moothart in Cerritos) did when they ripped my carpet out to clean it instead of replacing it.
My jeep looks pretty new except for the carpet.
I spoke to my insurance company (AAA) and they said that if it is determined that this problem is happening due to shoddy work from Moothart that they would pay for it.
I may have second thoughts on getting that new 4 door jeep that is coming out this fall!

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