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Music – Elvis Costello – “I WANT YOU” this is one of the best songs ever written


Do you ever wonder ……. Yeah, me to.
I’ve put my jeep situation on the back burner and just added it to my very long TO DO list. If there is anyone that knows anything about Jeeps and has some time to help me work on it, that would be perfect. We can have a pizza party or something.
I need the front end fixed (pounded out), the infamous water leak in the firewall (?), new carpet installed, and I’ve just noticed that part of the air conditioner doesn’t blow hard enough. LOL
I’m thinking that I’ll just take it to a body shop (not the dealer) to get all this done sometime in the near future, that is if I can’t find anyone to help me.

Earlier this week I was jogging around the track at the gym and my I-pod started to turn off and on by itself then It just stayed stuck on the QOTSA song “the sky is fallin’”. It wasn’t playing it was just sorta stuck there with no sound. I couldn’t even turn the thing off, nothing. So I stopped jogging and went home. I plugged it in the wall to recharge and it didn’t do anything and just stayed on. So I let it run its course overnight and in the morning it was dead. I plugged it into the wall to recharge again and it recharged and later worked fine. “PHEW”!! Something similar happened to my phone on the same night. It’s happened with my phone once before. It looks like there are bars when in fact it’s totally dead. I just recharged it and it was fine also. Someone said I just probably need new batteries for both.

This weekend is the Sunset Junction. It’s a festival with thousands of people and a ton of bands on different stages. It’s hot and crowded. Sound fun? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
I’ve been twice. One year I went to see Elliott Smith. I could only see the top of his head from about 300 feet away. It was CRAZY!
This year the big draw on Saturday, starting at 7pm (playing on the bates stage) is Redd Kross, The Eels and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Then on Sunday (also on the bates stage and also starting at 7pm) is The Drive by Truckers, Hank Williams III and The Cramps. Other bands start playing in the morning/ afternoon.

I just found out that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is playing at the Echo tonight. I’ve seen them there before and it’s amazing and really super loud! I’ve already got a table for Jon Brion. He (JB) hasn’t played at the Largo on a Friday night in a long-ass time. If I hadn’t already made plans with some friends then I’d definitely go to the Echo tonight.
Also tonight The Killers are playing at the Troubadour.

Update – regarding the dude at the gym that I have a major crush on…. Yeah, I haven’t seen him since. Of course I’ve met 4 other guys in the meantime, but it’s just not the same. ……. “…… you can’t always get what you want” hmm… maybe I’ll get what I need?!

Rockstar-Supernova~ update on my thoughts.
~Dilana – what the hell is up with her? I’m shocked and appalled by her now.
I’m hoping that the show put her up to it because she just did a 180.
~ Magni – I like him and he does seem like a rockstar. I like him as a person though and I think that is clouding my judgment a bit. (cool, family rocker-man).
~ Ryan - I still don’t like Ryan, he seems so uncomfortable and out of his element.
~ Lukas - He doesn’t fit the band because he seems one dimensional with his drunken’ drawl voice. I like it but not for Supernova. He’s an “EMO” for sure.
~ Toby – I like him as a person, again, clouding my judgment. I just don’t know about him. Sometimes he seems like he’s trying to hard and he doesn’t get the whole rockstar persona.
~ Storm – yeah, she’s just not going to win. She’s a pretty girl but doesn’t fit Supernova.
She would fit right in with the Lilith Fair along with Patrice Pike, no doubt about that.
Storm does that macho thing with her hands that really bugs me.

I really think that after the whole deal with Dilana, Magni or Toby will win. I will be shocked and surprised if Ryan wins. Lukas or Storm will be next to go.

As for the comments on this site, I don’t know what is wrong with them. I’ve tried fixing them but can’t seem to figure it out. I’m getting sick of the ads popping up on the side tag-board but that’s what you get for FREE.

Have a wonderful weekend.
I mean it! Go out and do something exciting.

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