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4:58 PM

It's Wednesday!

SPOON – Girls Can Tell (such an awesome cd/band)

If you don’t drink coffee [because you feel very ill afterwards] then you probably shouldn’t partake in the FREE iced coffee giveaway when they have ‘em!! [lesson learned]
I am so buzzed right now and I only drank half the tall cup they were giving out.
I’ve walked all around my office looking for someone (who wasn’t at her desk) to hand-deliver something that I could have just popped into an inner office envelope. I saw a lot of new people that I’ve never seen before. I should drink coffee more often. (kidding)

I haven’t really been up to much more then the gym as per usual lately. So I haven’t got any new exciting news to tell.
I have fallen in love with this new guy at the gym though. Ok ok…. Call it what you want [infatuation, crush, lust … etc…] I haven’t even spoken to him yet. I will. We’ve exchanged smiles and we follow each other around the gym sometimes… ok… maybe not, I guess some people may think of it as stalking (on my part). Ha ha ha ha. he is the most beautiful (in my eyes) man I’ve ever seen in my life. I get excited just thinking about seeing him the next time I go to the gym. I look forward to it, ya know.
The first time I noticed him was a couple of weeks ago and I think it was his first time. He was trying out all these weights (really heavy) and didn’t seem to know what he was doing. He was the first to smile. I think I didn’t give him a full-on smile for some reason. I noticed he was in every room that I was in, then the next week he looked a little different (more sure of himself). That’s when I started stalk…..err .. I mean… it’s when I noticed him in this way. He seems like a loner (which, I love). But maybe he’s married or has a g/f…. he has to have one of the two… I mean someone this hot… just has to be taken. Or he’s gay.
I really liked this guy many months ago at the gym up until he started wearing shirts w/o sleeves, showing his “rainbow” tattoo. Hahahaha. I think we are looking at the same guys now.
I’m sure no one notices me checking them out, I’m pretty much a loner with my headphones on minding my own business, focusing on my workouts.

what else…. Hmmm….don’t laugh but I want to see that movie “step up”. ok, go ahead and laugh and judge me, go ahead- do it.
ah.. 15 more minutes until I’m outta here.

I don’t have my jeep today (probably not until Friday night) because it’s at the dealers. They are trying to figure out the water leak. The inspector from my insurance company called me today and said he couldn’t find where it was leaking but the dealer is going to look into it. Hopefully they will replace my carpet in the process. He was trying to tell me that it could be from normal wear and tear, it’s a hard top…, a lot of miles, and I’m like um.. I don’t think so. It’s not like I would take my main ride off-roading or anything! The leak is only under the heavy matt on the drivers side under the pedals and not on the passenger side. I think when they took the dash off and took my carpet out and put a new hard top on, somehow they missed something or did something to it. I’ve only noticed the water after it rains or after I get it washed [only after I got it back from them!].
normal wear and tear, MY ASS!!!! Here we go again. I know they totally hate me now but hell, I’ve paid my $500 deductible and even so I’ve had to take it back in a few times and leave it for over a month. And they did a shoddy job each time.

So yeah, that’s my life this month so far….. gym, cute boys and jeep problems.

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