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3:00 PM

Music - Tool

Movie - Sex and Lucia

One more hour until break time.
Read, talk to co-workers, snack.

Three more hours until I go home.
Possibilities. Computer, a movie, gym

One more day until Friday
More possibilities. Gigs, movies, gym

I’m just wasting time at work trying to make the best of it [work].
My bills are all paid, my lists are all made. I know what I want.
I know what I need to do. I have everything organized…. Now I’m just bored!

It seems that every year it takes more and more to get me excited about seeing a band, any band as I get older.
I’ve been let down more times then not the past few years, it seems. I hate to admit it but I just don’t care that much anymore. I mean sure, there will be a band that pops up once in a great while that I think I just “HAVE” to see. I only wish I didn’t get so disappointed when I’m looking forward to seeing [IT] live.
I’ve turned to the gym for comfort. Sounds very strange, I know. I just love to put my headphones on and play whatever it is, really super loud and just hit the machines, jog or simply pump iron. I feel a hell of a lot better in every way. I even feel as though I’ve accomplished something when I’m done. It’s amazing. I see a lot of cute guys jogging around as I sit at the stationary bike and that’s what keeps me going sometimes. I’m not one to scam for guys at the gym but hey I wouldn’t be rude to a handsome [or what I think is handsome, anyway] bloke who comes over to me and says hello. I keep my headphones on as a sign [don’t bother me] and it works.

I need a change of scenery, a different outlook for a bit.
I did go to a museum recently but it wasn’t ….. um, how do I put this….. it wasn’t inspirational in a sense that I needed at the time. It was the Museum of Tolerance. If you have never been then I highly recommend it. I believe every person should experience this museum before they get into Junior High School. This was my third time visiting this L.A. museum and it has changed quite a lot in the past 15 years. It’s very educational and enlightening.
I enjoy going to the Huntington Gardens which is in Pasadena not Huntington Beach as you might expect. This place is simply beautiful and great for photographers.

I’ve recently seen a few movies :

The Divinci Code = excellent, this was so interesting to me. I didn’t read the book (gasp). I love a good treasure hunt theme.

Pirates = speaking of treasures…… I have to say this was just as good as the first one. Perhaps it was a bit slower moving as some reviewers are saying but none the less, it’s quite good. I can’t wait to see Keith Richards play Johnnys Dad in the next one.

Sex and Lucia (netflix) = um…. Wow! This was very interesting and Pez Vega can do no wrong in any movie. She is quite amazingly beautiful. This was full of sex as the title might lead you to believe but it was all done for a good story. Another adventure with lots of turns.

Click = I pretty much forgot about this already, it was good for the entertainment at the time, I guess.

Nacho Libre = I did Laugh out loud a few times. I do love Jack Black and all the characters were funny [looking].

Tokyo Drift = easily forgotten. I do have to say it is amazing how they can do that with a car though. I did like seeing Vin do a cameo with that awesome muscle car he was racing with though.

I’m looking forward to a lot of movies that are coming out sooner or later…… so many!
As for shows/ gigs, let’s see…
The Upper Crust, I’ve been told to not miss these guys. They come out in 17th Century (I think that’s right) costumes and play rock. Sounds interesting enough and I trust my friend who told me about them.
They will play This Friday at Spaceland then Saturday at Alex’s bar.
Comets on Fire are going to come back around to the Echo in August. Then we have the VERY hot Sunset Junction coming up also in August.
I’m sure there is more but like I said, I’m just bored of sifting through bands now days. I just have to be in the perfect mood to sit through 3 bands before reaching the so called [good] band that I came to see. I just had such a terrible time doing so at Alex’s bar last time when I went to see The Black Angels. I was just so completely over it and everyone was pissing me off around me by midnight and they went on after midnight!
I think the rock chick in me is becoming my inner rock chick.
I’m cool with it. I will always have it there in case I need it for any reason in the future. What?

Sunset Junction
Don't knock the rock
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