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July 19, 2006

Subject: Magic Mountain and ditching work to be there.

My co-worker and good friend Rhonda and I have been trying to plan this for a month now and finally we got to go.
We started out with a huge breakfast at IHop. The night before, we where all ready to try the funnel cakes that come with breakfast but when it came down to order we both chickened out and got regular breakfasts. I’m glad because I’m thinking that we both would have lost it beings Tatsu was our first ride of the day!
We get there around 10:30 and walked really fast to Tatsu where we only waited for about an hour and a half. It was totally worth the wait! Tatsu and X are by far the best rides at Magic Mountain and of course they had the longest lines. We got to go on everything that we wanted to go on. The only problems we had all day was waiting in line for two rides and just when we were near the front after waiting in line for about 45 minutes the rides broke down. That sucked! While most people left – we got closer to the front, we stuck it out for about fifteen minutes more and it was back up and running (Déjà vu) then we headed over to The Riddler’s Revenge and the same thing happened and we stuck it out but ended up coming back later in the night. We were going to go on a water ride but it was broken (they said) but we could wait in line if we wanted. We were just so over doing that for the time being.
We had a slice of Papa Johns pizza for only $7.00!! The giant refillable drinks were only $9.00!!!

Here is a list of the rides we did go on:

The riddler’s revenge
Gold rusher
Spin out
(me) dive devil

I have to say that they really should change their name to “Makeout Mountain”. We saw a lot of this all day long..... teenagers making out while waiting on all the rides.
The place is so trashy, I mean literally there were trash bins all over the park but people can’t seem to use them. Soo gross. I only saw one person cleaning up with a broom and dust pan during the whole day and that was while waiting in line for X – this girl was cleaning up all the trash that was in the lines that people were just too damn lazy to walk not even 5 feet away to throw away. Needless to say The park is not going to win any cleanliness awards anytime soon. Unlike Disneyland, where you see people cleaning all day long – everywhere in the park.

I almost forgot about what other people were doing in the lines.... I didn't know that ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS was so popular! A lot of hand type games were going on in the lines. I was both surprised and happy to hear the couple in front of us playing a game of "NAME A BAND AND THE NEXT PERSON NAMES A BAND STARTING WITH THE LAST LETTER IN THE PREVIOUS NAME". I heard the guy say "superchunk"! That just floored me, I was so ready to jump in but refrained. shit, I could play that game with a few of my friends all day/night long. Of course the girl had no idea who superchunck was. He was spouting off all these obscure bands and she was like "huh, who? is that a band or a person?".
If you’re single it’s kinda hard to not run into someone and start riding on rides with them. We kept running into this group of guys (4 or 5) and finally ended up hanging with them for a few rides. I had pink shoe laces on and one guy (Noah) said “hey, I like your shoe laces”. I just said thanks and kept walking. They sorta followed us towards a ride and I turned around and smiled and said “where is X” They laughed at the fact that we knew we were being followed. We introduced ourselves and it was Noah’s birthday. It was fun for us older girls to be hanging out with a bunch of cute “younger” men for awhile. We never did run into them again.
Rhonda and I were on a mission to go on as many roller coasters as we could while we were there. Despite the long lines and the expensive food, we had a great time. It was nothing like walking through Disneyland where you are always running into people. Magic Mountain is literally a huge mountain that you have to hike around to get to all the rides, it’s so vast and wide open…. and very VERY hot.
Sadly Noah and his friends had already done the dive devil and we didn’t find anyone else to ask to go on it with me so I went alone. Rhonda didn’t want to pay the extra $20 bucks and she was scared. I did it at night when the park was about to close. It was so worth it.
I found this video of a couple doing Dive Devil. I didn’t want to pay the extra money for a video of myself, so to get an idea of what I did, watch the video.
Another great thing happened as we were leaving the park. Rhonda went to Guest Services. We complained about the rides breaking down every time we were in line and had been waiting for over 45 minutes. They ended up giving us free passes for another day. Cool!
We made it home by midnight. I was so exhausted at work the next day plus I had tickets for The Raconteurs that night. more on that the next post.

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