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Music - Tool 10,000 Days

I've been listening to Tool pretty much non-stop since I bought this new CD.
I am a true "rocker chick", I say that because I get excited listening to the bass lines and the heavy guitar riffs, not to mention the amazing Maynard James Keenan. I've been in love with this guy ever since he stared at me while singing an entire song at Bogarts in Long Beach back in the 90's. He does that [stare intensely at a random person to freak them out] at every show, from what I can remember. I remember being a little scared but excited at the same time.

I have such wonderful memories of Bogarts. So many great bands have come through that wonderful little place that I used to call my second home. Though it's long gone, at least there is still "music" in the area..... a Tower-WOW store.
I remember getting really high with my friend Kristi in the parking lot before seeing [or not seeing] Nirvana on (6/23/89). I didn't/don't smoke pot and thought it would be a fun thing to do....... obviously that wasn't the case. It's not cool to forget everything about such an important night as seeing Nirvana in a club that holds about 300 people! remember kids.... DON'T DO DRUGS. It's a good thing I caught them at Jabberjaw, Roxy (8/15/91), Palladium (6/14/91) and Raji's (Feb 1990) and a few others before the end.

switching gears

Check out this month's design and story! It's this cool site where you can get t-shirt's in the mail every 6 weeks... if you're into t-shirts .... oh just check it out, I can't explain or I'm to lazy to explain it right now. IT'S TOO HOT TO EXPLAIN.

I was on E-Harmony yesterday, yeah it's one of THOSE sites where you can "find your mate" and after going through this long-ass series of questions I choose men within 60 miles of my house. The computer does it's little thing for about 30 seconds finding a match and mine comes up with ZERO! LOL I was like WTF?! I go on it later that night and find that I have 6 matches... I check them out, no photos yet - just a series of answered questions and little tid bits about them. One from Long Beach, another in Irvine, Simi Valley and I can't remember the rest. As I clicked on one to start the communication process [via E-Harmony questions and answers they provide for you] it says it would cost $$. That made me feel like a whore.
I'm not paying to "find a mate". It said free trial blah blah blah.... which goes to show you that nothing is for free. nothing, I say. I can't really see myself meeting someone from an internet dating site anyway, although I did meet someone a long time ago and we ended up going out for a few months, I think it was Friendster. E-Harmony seems pretty cool with the intense process and all .... seems like it gets a lot of the crap out of the way upfront before you even meet unlike going out with someone you meet in a club for like 3 months and ending up finding out about a lot of crap that you don't want to deal with. It's a process, a very tedious process but it seems like it works. I'm just not paying for it. A girl from my work just got married this past weekend from someone she just met on E-Harmony only in February. Crazy huh!?

I don't really have a big check off list for a mate although I did find that E-Harmony did have a lot of good questions to help my judgement.

My main things are:
1. no smoking no drinking except once in awhile
2. a personality that enables them to switch gears rather easily (fun, exciting, loving, calm, quiet etc...)
3. adventurous mind
4. doesn't scrape silverware on plate while eating
Looks are a plus but not necessary, I've dated a few "ugly" guys before (LOL) they didn't last to long though. I'm kidding, stop it! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or is only skin deep or something like that right?.... serious.
There is always one quality that overcomes the looks.

My problem is finding someone within a certain age range. I tend to go for the early 20's because guys my age usually are either married, divorced, has kids or really looks his age (if you know what I mean). I mean, would it kill you to hit the gym a few times a week instead of being a couch potato? That's why we have Tivo, man! I'm not trying to be all gym-psycho or anything just because I've been getting more serious about it since January. I guess when someone is really into something, they tend to share it and even preach it a little, weather it be drugs or the gym. Although I don't really see people that do heroin telling people that heroin is cool and good or to even do it. ....
ah, I'm not really saying anything right now.
Even sometimes I get sick of hearing myself type this stuff out.
Where's my outlet? I need another outlet! Give me an outlet!
Fuck this! Fuck that! Blah Blah Blah...
I'm going back to listening to Tool now...

I've been on the look out for these particular jeans for a few months now. I want them so bad but can't find them anywhere in my size. PLEASE HELP ME!
Here is the website of the exact Taverniti So JANIS Jeans that I want and I need them in a size 29. UPDATE, FOUND THE JEANS ON EBAY!

I think I finally found the belt that I have been looking for. It was worn by Kate Hudson in her new movie "you, me and dupree". It's a brown double ring Calvin Klein belt. I also want a red belt .... I saw it in a commercial for ... I don't know what the commercial was for actually. It shows this girl walking through the city [with red belt on] trying to get to her guy. It was for Levis.

Speaking of commercials.... did you see the one for the NEW 4 door jeep?!? It's a teaser, they don't show you the full view only a little peak. I can't wait to test drive this baby, then eventually buy one.

Does anyone else remember a band in the 90's called Supernova? They dressed in space suits if I remember correctly. I believe I have some photos of them somewhere.

How about that Rockstar Supernova huh! old news, I know. I've talked to a few people about it and our first thought after seeing the first episode was that either Dilana or Lukas will win. The ones that must go within the next 3 weeks are for sure: Dana, Jill, Zayra (now), and Ryan (so annoying). Josh is good in his own way... reminded me a bit of Jeff Buckley at first.. he does his voice vibrating thing a bit too much though. Phil is adorable and the camera loves him but he hasn't really brought the rock enough. All the girls [Dilana excluded] are just not right for the band at all. They just don't fit. I usually don't watch these kinds of shows but once I was flipping the channels and just happened to catch the first episode and after watching Dilana do "Lithium" by Nirvana, I was hooked. Fuck she can sing!

Speaking of Bringing the Rock..... One of my favorite comedians has his own talk show and it sounds really interesting. I wish him all the luck.
His name is Greg Behrendt. He used to help with the writing in Sex in the City and has a few books out relating to relationships. I've seen him live at the Largo quite a few times and he's pretty rockin'! He actually brings his own band up called Snowflake and they rock..... He also sings childrens songs in a heavy metal way.
I know you've seen the commercials for Greg's new show, check it out.

Only three and a half hours to go before I can go home.
I either need to win the lotto or find a new job..... and soon.

omg! I almost lost this whole post! [save, save, save your work] it read that I had some errors on some html and when I hit the back button.... bam - page refresh! My heart sank and I got upset then calmly hit a few keys and whoa... cool, found it!

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