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10:31 AM

Music - Fleetwood Mac

Movie - The Devil Wears Prada.
This movie was the best movie i've seen all year. It was so good that I could go see it again.
It's not a chick flick and I really don't like that term at all. A movie is either good or bad.

Yesterday after I hit the gym I decided to go visit my dad because he lives near my gym. It was the best thing I could have done in a long time. We talked more together on this one visit then I'd talked to him all year. The thing that I noticed was that we got to really talk because his wife wasn't around. I like her and all but it just seems that I never get dad-time when she is around. She seems to start telling stories of her kids as soon as my dad brings up a story about me as a kid. It doesn't bother me all that much, just annoying when I know that my dad is here trying to show me that he loves me by talking about brave I was while he pulled the log out of my foot after us kids played hide and seek.

Yeah, I was barefoot in the woods.

I was like 10 or something.
I don't really remember, I just remember the stories and everytime my dad tells it, the chunk of wood [log] becomes bigger.
He tells that story so well and when his wife hears it, she just starts in with her kids doing something when they were young.

It just bums me out because my dad and I were never really close and yet I feel this really strong connection to him and I try to figure it out by going over there and trying to have dad-time with him.

Well yesterday was a success! I was so happy and we sat there and talked about everything for hours.
As I left I asked were his wife was.... she was sick and sleeping in the bedroom. I didn't ever bring it up until after for fear of her coming out and ruining my dad-time. We don't talk the same when she is in the room.
She is nice and all and not at all the wicked step mother or anything like that, maybe she is jealous, I don't know and that's not for me to figure out.
I love him more then anything in the world and I think he knows it. Typing that right there made me cry and I don't know why!

I was only going to write about seeing the movie but got carried away.
Go see the devil wears prada, excellent - fantastic acting. especially Maryl Streep. wow!
I will go see it again. I think I'm gonna go see Nacho Libre after the gym today.

As Nike Says "just do it".
It's a good saying........what?

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