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June 21st, 2006 first day of SUMMER!
MUSIC - Wolfmother - Love Train

I went to the Avalon, formarly known as The Palace last night. Rick had mentioned to me on the phone (he was already there before I even left my house), that the parking was $20 bucks. I never pay for parking anyway and I was so lucky to find a place just on the side street next to the parking lot. Hahaha SUCKERS!
I see Rick and his girlfriend and say hello but then proceed to the front without them.
I love the Avalon. The sound system is amazing and the lights are great to. I walk in and Jeff Klein was on. I like him, he's got a whiskey voice kinda like Ryan Adams/ Whiskeytown. I was just in time for him to do his last song's which happened to be my favorites! Mostly he was just up there alone then the last songs he brought out a full band, which gave it a fuller more impressive sound. What a good night this was so far.
After he was done I go find Rick again and tell him that I forgot to lock the back of my jeep, so I try to get out and the young guy was like sorry there are no ins and outs. I pleaded with him telling him that I had gotten it stolen before and I just got it washed and forgot to lock the back, he was so nice and cute - he asked his boss(?) a girl and she said I could go. The kid told the security guys that I was "COOL" they all laughed and one even asked if he could be the judge of that, I told him No. =) it was fun. So I get to my jeep and it was locked already. (phew). I come back and they all go "oh it's the COOL GIRL, she's cool!" I thanked the young guy (Dan).
On with the show.
The next band after Jeff Klein was from Italy called Afterhours, and boy that was not my kind of music at all, not one bit. Nice fellows but just not cool music. Some liked them but obviously they weren't as cool as me! hahaha
Like I said, nice guys and each of them were talented in their own way but just not very great as a band. But the girl who was all dressed up in a little summer dress and pumps with her hands up in the air standing in front of me seemed to enjoy them.
I stood up front anyway. I had a good place for when Greg Dulli - Twilight Singers, hit the stage. I love this man so much! He has more talent in his little finger then most musicians will ever have in their life! It's all about the attitude and ego and boy does he have both!
He smokes like a MotherFucker but that's part of his character.
About half way through the set and inbetween a song this guy comes over to me and stands near me then leans in and asks if he could ask me something…. I love the anticipation in that question. I said sure, ask away… he asks "are you suze?"…. I looked at him and he looked so familiar, I know I knew him from somewhere but where? The internet. Myspace? Yep! We used to talk about a year ago on there, he was from New York and later moved to Las Vegas. He was here just to see the show. amazing as Greg Dulli is!!
The music started and we watched together… I was still trying to figure out who he was for sure, his name even.….. Then it hit me…TOM! LOL I smiled and remembered our messages back and forth and gave him a proper hug hello. We joked around about these drunk couples who were in front of us. He was making up what they were saying to each other. It was entertaining to say the least. Greg did some Afghan Whigs songs and had some friends come up as well, including Joeseph Arthur, Jeff Klein, and some of the band members from Afterhours. That's when Mark Lanegan comes on stage and just blew me away. His voice, omg! He looked like a really young Nick Cave. He's got the look and attitude as well, though different from Greg's but it still works for him. I remember band camp, nah just kidding., I went to see The Screaming Trees at Bogarts in Long Beach and was really saddened that they cancelled because Mark had a concussion or something really wrong with his head. I guess he had to cancel a bunch of dates back in the 90's because of it.
Mark and Greg sang about 4 or 5 songs together, including "where did you sleep last night" it was amazing! Greg then came back out alone on the piano and did a bunch of songs and he talked a lot too. I'm going to have to ask my friend all the songs he did or find a set list because I couldn't possibly remember all of them. That's one thing I wish I could do is remember stuff. I would be a terrible waitress!

Tom and I walk out with huge smiles upon our faces. It was just an amazing night for music.
I don’t know exactly what it is about Greg that makes him so damn sexy and hot. He's overweight and smokes like a chimney! Like I said it's all about Egos and Attitude and definitely confidence, which he exudes. I also think it's the way he delivers each line, chorus and verse of the songs. I love him! I'm really glad he's still alive, he is wonderful, talented, and one of the most underrated musicians alive today. I just wish he didn't smoke so much. It looked like he cut back on the drinking…. Last time I saw him he never had empty hands… cigarette, whiskey, and the mic, all at once. And his hands shook the whole time.


Angel, I'm sober.

I got off that stuff.

Just like you asked me to.

Angel, come closer.

So the stink of your lies.

Sinks into my memory.

She said baby, forever, but I don't like to be alone.

So don't stay away too long.

Baby, forever, well it's Tuesday now.

I hear him breathing inside of her.

Let me drink.

Let me tie off.

I'm really slobbering now.

Let it stink.

Let it dry up.

It's impossible.


Angel, forever.

Don't you promise me what you cannot deliver.

Angel, together.

I'll be waiting for you on Fountain and Fairfax.

I gave Tom a hug goodbye. I'm glad we ran into each other, he made the Twilight Singers experience that much more enjoyable.
They went on at 11:15 and were done at 1:20. I got home at 2am and was up at 7am. and was at work by 8:30am.
You know you're getting old when you just can't handle going out three nights in a row during the week anymore.

I'm glad that I went last night. It's been far to long seeing live music for me but I'm sure I'll make up for it this Summer.
one thing that Greg said was that he hated the word "blog", it sounds like log and we all know what log reminds us of....shit. his words not mine.

THE HUNCHES ARE COMING, THE HUNCHES ARE COMING! June 24th at Spaceland and June 25th at Mr. T's. The Black Angels are playing at Alexs bar on Friday June 23rd and The Troubadour on June 24th.


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