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I've been reading (for entertainment) this website called Superficial, It's pretty funny most of the time.

Music.... I've been hitting the gym a lot and that is where I listen to music most often. I start off with a little Tool "Opiate" or The Hellacopters " Payin' the dues" as I ride the bike for thirty minutes every night then I switch to either Wolfmother or The Vacation as I do the weights and machines for the next hour and a half. I enjoy all kinds of music but it's kinda hard to keep up the pace if I start to listen to say.... Elliott Smith or Jon Brion.

The last few Cd's I've bought were The Raconteurs and Wolfmother. I absolutely LOVE Wolfmother but The Raconteurs is just pretty good, I'm not all totally excited about every song on that one but it's good. I also ordered a couple of Gram Parsons things from Best Buy. The amazing DVD called "Fallen Angel" just came out and it was on sale and a three disc box set which was priced wrong of Grams, I got for only $11.99. At Tower, it was on sale for $27.99. Pretty cool deal. Thank you Best Buy! -- and Tita on myspace for pointing it out.

I've been to a few shows recently. First there was Pete Yorn doing an accoustic in store at Fingerprints in Long Beach, it was the first place I ever heard of him years ago when he did his very first instore there. I believe it was more crowded the first time around. I wasn't too keen on his new songs but they were alright. Nothing blew me away. I really do like his first CD though, a lot.
The in store was at 6pm so I had a lot of time in between gigs to hit the gym and take a nap before I head to Alexs bar (also in Long Beach) to catch The Black Angels. If you like drone then you will like The Black Angels. They have lotsa guitar drone and heavy drum beats, not in a metal-metallica kind of way... more like My Bloody Valentine but with more vocals and such. The first band that opened that night out of four fucking bands was Hopewell, and from what I can remember they were great, I can't remember much because I had to sit and I mean SIT through two other sucky bands before The Black Angels were to come on. They didn't hit the stage until after midnight. I was pretty much over it by that time. I think they were also. They remembered Roger and I from the Spaceland show in February, so Roger was chatting them up a bit while I sat there annoyed at this little drunk kid trying to pick up on me all the while bumping into me and trying to keep his eyes open. Oh Joy!! How come I'm so lucky?!
The night that I have been waiting for for about two years now has arrived. That would be The Hunches playing in LA again! I think I pee'd a little when the guitar player plugged in his guitar, I was so excited. It's that SOUND! You know what I'm talking about?! It's called FEEDBACK. I could listen to loops of feedback while making love to some Brazilian guy named "Flip" (see myspace friends).
So yes, the Hunches played on Saturday night at Spaceland. The opening band was The Guilty Hearts. They are also on myspace (my friends) Leon, the singer and friend who owes me a newcastle from a few years ago got asked to sing at the Don't knock the rock Gun Club gig coming up.
The guy has talent, obviously. I may end up going to the show.
The Hunches came on second out of three bands and they just weren't into it as much as the first time I'd seen them. It was still good but I wasn't blown away as I had hoped to be. Some what of a let down, really. The singer needs some new shoes. The guitar player needed a new shirt. I'll post some photos at some point (yeah right!)
The guitar player got pissed and went off on his guitar, throwing it against the amp, in the air, on the floor, when it wouldn't stay in tune or didn't give him the sound he wanted. So I really think that is what caused detriment to their gig to start out with. The singer didn't seem to have a lot of energy for some reason. He did however jump in the audience a few times while singing in their faces. I stood next to this dancing fool. I say FOOL because he was the only one dancing and he looked foolish. Think of a skinhead trying to "dance". He seemed like a nice guy though and he wasn't necessarily violent or even running into anyone.
Next and last up was Miss Alex White and the Reds orchestra (In the red records). They were also good but honestly I wouldn't go see them by themselves. I think even though The Hunches weren't ON that night, they should have been headlining the show.
The Hunches were to do a free show on Sunday at a place called The Shop on Beverly Blvd in East Los Angeles but no one could confirm a time, not even the band so I ended up not going. Turns out they switched to Mr. T's Bowl and went on at midnight. Now i'm really glad I didn't go.

I came home from lunch today to a dead crow in the street in front of my house. Some guys in a big white truck not only hit it but backed up, got out and watched it die as the poor crow just lay there in pain. I let the other crows mourn it and do their little dances around it until I went out with a shoe box and scooped it up, as I was doing so I looked over on the other side of the street and noticed a little (also) dead yellow chested bird laying there. WTF? I thought. I scooped him up and put it in the same box. The crows neck / beak was broken. aw' poor little crow. a moment of silence for mr. crow..........

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