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January third two thousand and six! wow!
I've done absolutely nothing last year. It was another year wasted.
I get older and the years just seem to slid on by unnoticed.

I've been down a lot lately, mostly stressed from work and apartment hunting. The main thing that triggered my mood is not having my jeep..... actually that's where I do 90% of my music listening and without that, man 'o man! It sucks! I haven't really listened to music in over a month and to me that is one of the most depressing thoughts ever. I'm slowly getting back into it. Though I've come to the conclusion (for the time being) that It's not that important for me to go see bands anymore. SHOCK!! I know, I know!
I've gone without it for over a month and when I have gone lately, I'm just not that impressed anymore. I'm kind of 'over it'. Have I said that in the past? perhaps.
Maybe I'm growing up but I don't think growing up has anything to do with going to see bands or not. I bet it's just a faze.
I've been listening to Green Day a lot. American Idiot is a great album!
I am looking forward to The Dirtbombs! They are so much fun live! I'm giddy just thinking about the last time I saw them at The Knitting Factory. This time they are playing at the Troubadour! I can't imagine how they are going to fit 2 drum sets on stage.
Oh and Jeff Tweedy is playing 2 nights at the Fonda Theatre but it's Ticketbastards only! that blows! I love Jeff and Wilco so much but I just don't want to give in to those kinds of stupid unvalidated service charges.

Let's see.... on New Years Eve I babysat the cutest kid ever while his parents went out to dinner. His name is
Christian Modica. We had so much fun. Kids are amazing at 1 years old. He is into clapping and listening to music right now. It was so cute, we were watching Seseme Street and The Goo Goo Dolls were on doing a edited song for children of course and Christian sat in his little chair swaying to the music. So adorable! I can't wait to teach him how to play the drums! I'm sure his dad will teach him the guitar soon.

I'm finally not sick anymore. That really sucked to have all that time off and only layed in bed with a temp. of 101.9. Over the weekend I saw a few movies: Geisha Girl and Syriana. I loved Geisha Girl but didn't understand what was going on in Syriana, I only knew that it was sad when the people got blown up.

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