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I ended up seeing The Raveonettes last night at Spaceland. I arrived just before 9pm and they already let people in. It didn't get really crowded until about 10pm. I met my friend inside and he bought me a beer and I told him about the jerk-off that was in line behind me. This old man was talking to his lady friend, not paying attention to anyone around him and he inched his way up to the side of me and was running into the guy in front of me. This girl that was in line with me noticed as well, so she told the guy in front of us and finally he said something to him like " hey, are you aware that there is a line! are you even in line?! and his only response was "yeah, whatever" and kept talking to his lady friend... talking her ear off, I might add. The guy never moved directly behind me where he belonged and kept elbowing me in the side and turning to me and saying "oh sorry" like ....... 3 times!
I made some friends in line as we all talked about this jack-ass.
Inside I find my friend upstairs. We got a drink and headed down stairs due to the yucky smoke filled room. The first band was "Be your own pet". I really liked them. It was 3 guys and a girl singing/yelling/screaming. She had something about her ...... she was having so much fun dancing and making faces as she screamed into the mic. ... More punk rock then just rock. Keith Morris was right up front watching with a smile on his face so that MUST mean something. I took a few photos of them that I will eventually put up when I get around to updating my photo blog (suzephoto) over there on the side. Next up was "she wants revenge". My first thought was "hurry the fuck up and start, the lights aren't what you should be worried about, it's those pants you guys are all wearing (or not wearing)" The singer had these old looking levis that hung halfway down his ass with PINK underwear showing, they weren't even cool warn out looking ones, they looked like they never ever fit him and they were bought for the sole purpose of that "hanging down your ass" look. I was annoyed before they even started. After the first few seconds of the first song, I turned to my friend and before I could say a word he said "Joy Division" I laughed and said either that or a second rate Interpol. The guy had the whole "i want to be gay-but i'm really not, i don't think" attitude down.... lighting cigs, smoking them half way down only for the "cool looking" effect it had with the lights behind him. He also kept lifting up his shirt to show off his stomach. soooo tired! c'mon. They did sound alright for what they were doing. If there wasn't already an Interpol, it would be them.

Right before The Raveonettes where to start I looked back and there was little Jason Schwartzman with is little 60's Beatles style short bob haircut. I have to say that Sharin is amazingly beautiful, singer of The Raveonettes. She has that whole classic beauty 60's britpop look down, and what a voice. I was Impressed. My first time seeing them. The songs are catchy and fun and they just rock. I also have to mention.... I don't know what is up the the little "ampy guitar player dude" maybe he is from France or something but again with the" soap and water" problem.

This Saturday (18th) is The Sons and Lovers and The Makers at Spaceland.

I also found out that The Sons and Lovers got on the bill with The Vacation at the Troubadour on July 11th. It's a FREE show.

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