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hello.... happy first day of summer.

I'm very happy today for some reason. I can't sleep and I can't eat. I'm in love!
don't get your panties in a bunch just yet. just wait.
I'm in love with music but you already knew that. I just found out that Reigning Sound are going to be playing at the Troubadour in a few months. Another show that has put a smile on my face from ear to ear is the very fact that 2 of my favorite bands are going to be playing together at the Troubadour on July 11th and It's FREE and only $3 to those younger then 21. oh... the bands you say? The Vacation, only the most rockin' best band - this side of the Mississippi and my new favorite band the Sons and Lovers, I'm sure they are all fine sons and very good lovers but I wouldn't know, what I do know is that when you see these guys live, it's like you're back in the 60's when music was cool. They have that "shake your ass", bluesy rawk 'n roll 'get down' music going on! Together they are going to Rip this joint. Seriously, if you live near LA or pretty damn close then you need to come to this show.
and no! i'm not sleeping with anyone or gettting paid to say anything about any of the bands that I talk about all the time, it's all for the love of music.

What have I been up to? well, last night I gathered up some photos and they are ready for me to scan them into my computer. I've been procrastinating a lot but I have a feeling no more. I hope by the end of this year that I will have at least an outline of my book on all the rock shows i've seen over the last 20 years. ya, I know ... i've been saying this for over 5 years. It will happen someday before I die.

Saturday I went to Spaceland to see the Sons and Lovers with The Makers. I know I use this word a lot but It's true, It was an amazing show by both bands. I'm not going to mention the band inbetween because as soon as they started putting up the white Christmas lights on the mic stand I knew I wasn't going to like them. It really sucks that S&L had to play first because there wasn't that many people to see them.... all the "hollywood hipsters" like to be fashionably late, too busy shooting up before they can step foot in a club or something, I don't know. The only way you are going to get turned on to a new band before they make it big is to actually show up early. I know that sometimes you have to sit through someone who sucks but it's all worth it to get that feeling of being blown away by seeing something fresh, new and exciting. That something that just moves you.
The Sons and Lovers played a great set. They have this one song called "dirty rock n' roll" which I absolutely love. All of their songs rock. They do have a four song EP out but you have to get it at the show. So come!
The Makers
were awesome. The singer had Prince-like moves. It was jaw droping the way these guys played. I haven't danced like that in ....... well, since the last time I saw them and was hanging out with my old friend Sarah. It was just soo much fun. Just seeing sarah having a good time, dancing next to me brought back so many memories of when we used to go to all these fun shows where we would dance and get completely smashed...... man, I miss those days! I'm not saying that you should get smashed, because you really can have a wonderful time at a show without drugs or alcohol. (payed for by my conscious).

Tonight the band Spoon is playing at the Avalon. They have a really good sound system there now, unlike the Palace days. I knew of a band called Spoon that were from Seattle but that was over 10 years ago. It's definitely not the same one.
Unsane are back also.... these guys rock so hard! I may just have to go see them at Alexs bar on Saturday night instead of going to see Grant Lee at the Largo. Plus it's closer to home. oh the Backyard Babies are back at the Troubadour as well as Alexs soon, I may have to catch them this time. Fountains of Wayne are doing an acoustic show at the largo two nights in a row at the end of June and Helio Sequence is at the Knitting Factory on the 30th which I can't miss either!

I knew I couldn't stay away....... how long was that? a week? less? I'll just stop kidding myself. I'm sorry to lead you on as if i were really going to stop going to shows.

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