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2:47 PM

Forgive me as it's been 9 whole days without a post.
It's not that I'm super busy, it's just I've had a lot on my mind. Don't worry, it's all good stuff.

Random thoughts:
I saw John Doe at Fingerprints, I think I forgot to mention that. It was super hot and crowded in this small record store in Long Beach. John did some X songs and stuff off of his new solo CD. I don't have any of his solo cd's actually. I love X though! He surprised me and did a big star song, well part of it because it sounded so much like one of his solo songs.... he didn't finish it but it was cool. It was an accoustic show, of course.

I saw The Dirty Little Secrets with Sons and Lovers at the Anarchy club in beautiful downtown Downey. You know i'm kidding if you've ever been there. This club is in an old strip mall in the worst part of town. We walk into the bar and it was about 1/3 of the size of Spaceland. It had some pool tables situated really close to the bar, so if you are sitting at the bar ... you actually have to move out of the way if someone wants to make a shot. This place was filled with the kind of folks that you would find at a moose lodge. I say this because my step mom and dad were members and i've seen this type of low-life, beer drinking, missing teeth, tube top/tight, ripped levi shorts wearing, white trash looking people before. The stage was all to small in the far back corner with just enough room for the guys to stand there.
The Dirty Little Secrets went on first and showed everyone that they mean business. This, in my opinion was one of their best shows ever! even though they were getting shocked by the mic stands due to faulty electricity in the place..... Jonny took off his sock and put it over his mic and kept playing as if nothing was wrong. Skky looked amazing with his tight levis and boots on and both Skky and Jonny's long black hair was all over the place. it was pure rock 'n roll heaven!

next up was Sons and Lovers, as I said before, it's my "new" favorite band to see live. This was heading into be what I thought, one of there best shows up until something went wrong with one of the guitars (amps, i guess) I don't really know. They tried to go on without him for awhile but really couldn't . Needless to say the guitar player was pretty pissed, I also think they were all drunk. The singer jumped in the audience and sang in the crowd, Jordan followed. It was fun, like I said. I still think it was an excellent show. Very 60's, high energy rock 'n roll. I'm soo looking forward to seeing them with The Makers this Saturday at Spaceland. A show not to miss.

Speaking of which...... I've been going out much less lately. actually I only started this last Monday. I've noticed I've been spending way too much on gas, going up to LA all the time... I'm talking about $160 bucks a month. yeah, bite on that for awhile and you will understand.

I'm still going to write the shows down but i'm going to be very choosey in the coming months.
'ya ... sure, we'll see!!

I've heard a lot of good things about The Raveonettes show at Spaceland last night. I may have to go either tonight or tomorrow. I wasn't going to but......... urgh!!

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