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what do you know, I went to see Jon Brion this past Friday. and believe me, you would to if you have heard of him and live in or near LA. The man is multi-talented. I can't wait to hear his second album with the songs he has been singing at the largo for over a year now. His show this past Friday is what I like to call "the history of music". yep, for all you regulars who missed it... YOU MISSED IT! He started out in the 20's style then 30's and so on all the way to the present. I wrote everything down but don't have it with me so i'll spare you.... this time. But one song that stood out for me was "Waterloo Sunset", which he did in a Nirvana fashion (words of waterloo sunset but played like a Nirvana song) It was simply fantastic!

This past weekend I went to the movies twice and saw 1) Cinderella Man, which I enjoyed and thought the acting was wonderful and of course I cried. 2) Lords of Dogtown, which I also enjoyed. Although I really dug the documentary (Lords of dogtown and Z boys) a lot more. It had a better soundtrack also. It was basically the same movie. I'm just glad to hear that Jay Adams is out on parole. He, in my opinion is the best skater out of the whole bunch! The movie portrayed Stacy Peralta as the "nice" guy and Jay Adams as the "troubled kid" and Tony Alva as the "dick" - but i respect him anyway, I didn't even know about the kid who had terminal cancer, so that was a shock to me.
these guys are all sk8rs 4 life!!
I've got the Gator movie next up on my netflix list, yay!

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