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You know what song really rocks ….. it’s “lets build a house” by The White Stripes. There is just something very satisfying listening to Jack and Meg! I don’t believe there is one song that sucks on any of their albums! Not one!! It’s all raw rock ‘n roll blues…. Simple is sometimes, well… most of the times it’s better.
Radiohead is another of my favorites….. though they aren’t very “simple”. I feel that there is a lot of emotion in their songs, at least for me anyway.
I’ve been listening to the classic rock radio a lot lately for some reason…. perhaps because my ipod has been having problems with uploading songs and it’s just easier to switch on the radio. Which brings me to Bon Jovi, Journey, Missing Persons, DM, and Rick Springfield. All of these bands have a place in my heart – I’m talking “memories”. I love it when you hear something that gives you fond memories from the old days. They are all great bands. I just felt the need to mention that. Bon Jovi had some really great songs at one time. I think Journey is pretty classic.... very 'story- like' lyrics.

I was on my way home from somewhere…. It was 12:30 or so on Tuesday night when I heard The Vaction on 103.1, first it was Ben saying “hey, this is Ben from The Vacation and you’re listening to 103.1” and they played White Noise. A great little dirt rock number. It is an exciting feeling to hear your friends on the radio! 103.1 is a pretty cool station that plays all sorts of local bands, it’s almost as if they really care… if you can imagine.

For once I actually did everything on my rock schedule from the past week. Usually I only go to one or maybe two of the shows I have listed.
I went to see The Vacation on Wednesday and then again on Thursday then Jon Brion on Friday and Grant Lee on Saturday.

The Vacation played with this band from London called The Thieves. Wow! They rocked. The singer even had a broken foot or something and had to sit on a stool the whole time, I could tell he is crazy on stage though, he couldn’t keep still. They had this raw energy that sorta reminded me of old Nirvana.. I don’t know, I need to see them again though. At the end of their set the singer jumped backwards into the drum set. Just like Kurt did at Rajis when I saw them there!
Chelsea Smiles also played but I was so confused when they were on stage… I could have swarn that they had a keyboard player in their band! These guys were good and everything but just not what I remembered.
The Vacation … what can I say about them that I haven’t already said before. They played a lot of their newer songs which aren’t on the new cd called “band from world war zero”. Ben has a knack for catchy lyrics. Those Tegal boys have so much energy… with Steve's wailing guitar antics and Ben’s “stooges-esk” stage presence there is no way they could ever be boring or dull. No way!!
They are all about the audience having a good time, Ben will come right up to you and sing in your face. Either that or drink your beer.
Sebrosa Purr is my new favorite band - they came on around midnight. I only stayed for a few songs because I had to work the next morning.
This band is going to be big! They have a hard edge to them but I wouldn’t call it raw rock ‘n roll. I know I’ve been saying that everyone sounds like Nirvana lately but then again…they do have this Nirvana quality about them but with more drone. Kinda like a band I love called “The Darkside”.
I bought their 4 song demo CD and I can’t stop listening to it. One of of favorite tracks is called “God damn you” It rocks! The lyrics, the guitars, the mellow then screaming voice, the distortion…..
it’s heaven! I have a feeling that they will be around for awhile, you should check them out!
2nd night of The Vacation record release extravaganza was also amazing. cake in the face included! It's hard to determine which night I enjoyed more. I think Ben sprayed his beer better on the first night! So i'll go with that.
All hours, Frisky Jones and The Gunshys were also on the bill on Thursday night. The Gunshys had a different line up and I was surprised not to see Cliff (ex- Shore bass player, now ex-gunshys) in the band anymore but instead walking around the club. They were good none the less. Kyle, the singer is a good front person and he pretty much is the band with his sultry 70’s style. They put on a good show.
I was pretty tired from so much rock on Wednesday though.
All Hours played and I just wasn’t in the mood. I think I was expecting something different from them. Although they did a cover of a Lou Reed song that floored my friend Rick. They just didn’t do anything for me. I really wanted to stay to see Frisky Jones because I haven’t seen them in almost a year or so but i was to tired. I’m sure he rocked. I can say that he looks cool and oh so “80’s glam/metal” walking around .. ha ha. You can’t miss the cute kid walking around with bleached hair as if we was going to try out for GNR back in the 80’s. I’ll be sure and catch him the next time around.

Friday night of course I went to see Jon Brion, this time I took a friend and we had a table up front and personal like. Very cool indeed. I can only say it was amazing as usual. He surprised us with many cover songs and his genius like qualities. I love the way he smiles to himself when he really gets into his playing…. It’s as if he goes inside of himself and has to laugh at everything. Pure madness.

Saturday night I was back at the Largo to see Grant Lee Philips. Now this guy has so much talent it’s sickning. His songs are clever, he has a great sense of humor. Just an all around beautiful voice. Have I mentioned that he has had spots on The Gilmore Girls? Yeah, he plays a street musician on that show sometimes. Sabastian Bach has a gig on that show now. He plays a guitar player in Lane’s band. Ok, enough of the WB trivia.
Grant “melts my heart” when he plays…. I’ve been hearing that said term a lot lately from a friend of mine. I’m not sure that I like it. It doesn’t sound right now that I wrote it.

I didn’t go see Mark Lane on Sunday or The Brokedown on Tuesday. I am however going to see Brendan Benson tonight at the Troubadour, only because I bought a ticket awhile ago. Honestly I’d rather go home and sleep. It should be a good show though.

May 3rd thru May 11th

Tuesday – The Brokedown at Spaceland and /or Aimee Mann at Amoeba 7pm Free

Wednesday – Brendan Benson at Troubadour

Thursday - Rogers Birthday - say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROGER!!
Friday – Jon Brion at Largo or The Binges at Zen Sushi

Saturday - hang out at the cat & the fiddle at 6pm then go see Sons and Lovers at The Derby.

Sunday - Happy Mom's Day! - hangin' with my mom.

Monday – The Binges at The Lighthouse Café in Hermosa Beach

Tuesday – The Willowz at Echo

Wednesday – Spoon at Amoeba 7pm Free – “malfunkshun” video at Arclight 8pm

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